A child shot outside an Atlanta football high school rivalry game on Aug. 18 may not be able to walk again, according to WSB-TV2.

Twelve-year-old Isaiah Payton was struck by a bullet during a shooting outside the game between Carver and May high schools (Georgia) at Lakewood Stadium in Atlanta and taken to the hospital.

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The rivalry is intense. People who don’t attend either school show up to the matchups, a Carver student told WSB.

A fight after the game spilled outside the stadium and into a neighborhood. Gunfire struck Payton and a 16-year-old. The 16-year-old had minor injuries and released from the hospital.

But Payton’s mother, Allison Wood, told WSB the bullet hit her son in the spine.

“They ruined my baby’s whole life,” Wood said. “The bullet went through his spine. My child is never going to be able to walk again. It’s just hard.”

Payton has been to two hospitals since the shooting, which occurred before 9:30 p.m., according to WSB.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, it was not clear if Payton and the 16-year-old were intended targets or caught in the crossfire.

As of Thursday, police were still looking for suspects.