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Meet the 11 pro athletes who played in a Little League World Series Championship Game

It’s an incredible accomplishment for any young athlete to reach the Little League World Series. It’s another thing entirely to make it all the way to the championship game. From within that already elite population, just 11 players have then gone on to reach a professional sports league, with nearly as many going pro in something outside baseball as in MLB itself.

Click through to meet each one and get a glimpse at their story.

Matt Cassel (NFL)

When: 1994, Northridge, Calif.

When he went pro: Cassel has proven to be an NFL journeyman, perhaps most famous as Tom Brady’s backup who nearly led the Patriots to the NFL playoffs during the season in which Brady suffered a torn ACL. Before his football career petered out, he was a first baseman for a Northridge squad that reached a championship showdown against Venezuela, where it fell just short.

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