GameThread Game #126: Mariners at Blue Jays

Today the Blue Jays have a chance at another series win, which is still pretty surreal to be saying in 2019. The team will be going for the W behind (staff ace?) Trent Thornton. Let’s do it.

Here are today’s lineups. Smoak gets a DH day as Tellez will play 1st. Grichuk is in center and McKinney gets a start.


How many batters will Trent Thornton strikeout?

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  • 2%


    (1 vote)

  • 38%


    (18 votes)

  • 51%


    (24 votes)

  • 8%


    (4 votes)

47 votes total

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Will the Jays have 7 or more hits today?

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  • 84%

    Heck yes

    (38 votes)

  • 15%

    Sadly no

    (7 votes)

45 votes total

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Will a Blue Jay successfully steal a base today?

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  • 30%

    Most certainly!

    (14 votes)

  • 69%

    Not today

    (32 votes)

46 votes total

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