When the Payson Longhorns take the football field for their home opener on Aug. 23 against Page, they will come out with a different logo.

Principal Jeff Simon said the school received a cease and desist letter this summer from the University of Texas. Payson must stop using the silhouette longhorn because it infringes upon a copyright held by Texas.

The Longhorn logo has been the pride of Payson High School and its sports teams for decades.

Since receiving the letter last month, Simon said in an email, “We have stopped using that particular longhorn, removed it from all our inner-school markings, stopped using it on any spirit items, along with any outside communications including our website and all social media sites.”

Simon said that the high school has contracted with a local marketing company to create a new longhorn logo and we will be sending it out to district administration, alumni, students, coaches and teachers for the final approval.

Payson superintendent Stan Rentz said that the school’s attorneys are currently talking with the University of Texas attorneys about timelines to discontinue the use of the logo.

“All of the longhorns that were on our website have been removed and we have begun phasing out use of the logo,” Rentz said.