Red Sox 2, Orioles 11: Gonna go with yikes

This was an awful, awful baseball game if you were watching as Red Sox fan. As an Orioles fan it was probably pretty good, but that’s not why we’re here! Anyway, I really hated this game after a long day and don’t wish to recount it too much! David Price was bad, the offense was bad, the bullpen was bad. Everything was pretty much bad.

Really don’t feel like writing about this one, so here are some highlights from tonight’s game:

If you really, really want to know what really happened in this game, I’m worried about you. Here are the bullet points:

  • David Price was bad. He had some rough luck with his defense, but he didn’t make the pitches when he needed to. That resulted in a four-inning outing in which he allowed six runs including two homers. Against the worst team in baseball. Cool!
  • J.D. Martinez has been slumping at the plate for a few weeks, and he got into the mix defensively in this one, too. That is not a good thing. Martinez misplayed a ball off the right field wall in such a way that it’s almost impressive. The result was a triple and an error or as we like to call it a Little League home run. Cool!
  • The offense got shut down by John Means for the fourth time this year. Means is good, but I mean. Yikes.
  • Colten Brewer was the first reliever out of the bullpen on a day when the Red Sox needed at least four innings of work from the group. He recorded one out. Cool!

The Red Sox and Orioles continue this three-game set on Saturday with Eduardo Rodriguez taking on Tom Eshelman. First pitch is at 7:05 PM ET.

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