Eagles Question of the Day: Should the NFL go to an 18-game season?

The NFL has been talking about extending the regular season schedule for years, and on Friday it looks like they’ve officially included the possibility in their work with the NFLPA for the next collective bargaining agreement.

The league is proposing an 18-game season with a 16-game maximum per player.

That’s right. The NFLPA has rebuffed the concept of a longer season — citing many (valid) reasons, not the least of which is player safety and more chances for injury — so in turn, the NFL is now trying to come up with a “compromise” of sorts.

I’ve got lots of questions with a 16-game maximum per player, and have even more concerns about what the implications could be for on-field chemistry and rhythm, how it could ultimately affect fan attendance — should it become obvious that the Eagles would instead start their No. 2 QB against a struggling opponent (maybe not so much a Philadelphia problem, but across the league) — and how it would affect the ever-growing fantasy football sidegame.

Plus, would they keep the offseason schedule the same? More or less camp time? I would imagine the players wouldn’t be super into the idea. Would the NFL offer better and more long-term insurance options to players and alumni given the greater injury risk?

Seriously: So. Many. Questions.

If the NFL is going to force an 18-game season one way or another, I guess my personal preference would be that there is no game-maximum for players, and that they shorten the preseason to two games. Ultimately, keeping the guys on the field for no more than 20 games a year.

Should the NFL go to an 18-game season?

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