Michael Porter Jr. Caught Cheating on His Girlfriend?

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Michael Porter Jr. Caught Cheating on His Girlfriend?

We received a tip that Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. has a new woman in his life.  We reached...

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We received a tip that Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. has a new woman in his life.  We reached out to his girlfriend Tiffany Chantharangma and it was news to her…

According to our source Porter started following his new woman, Elsy Guevara, back in March.  The two then met up in June, including on his 21st birthday on June 29th.  The source also says she’s friends with Izzy Morris, who was once linked to Porter herself.

So the tea on micheal porter jr new hoe…they started followin each on March 5 when he was in LA. The nuggets were there to play Lakers on March 6. She went to Denver to see him in June n then he went back to see her in la later in June. She posted pic (from Denver trip) on his bday on June 29 n he shared it to his insta. On July 2 she tweeted about going to Vegas. He deactivate his insta later that day. She went to Vegas to see him for summer league. Funny sh*t is she friends wit izzy Morris his old hoe

One mo.. she like n comment on pic hisfriend just post

Since he hurt AGAIN n can’t play summer league its good he got hoes n casinos to stay busy lmfao

MPJ certainly appears to be keeping himself busy off of the court.  See more of his alleged side chick below:


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