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WATCH: One club volleyball rally had an incredible 64 touches

Like so many modern prep sports, summer club volleyball takes the best high school players, collects them in a single unit and deploys them at national tournaments. The resulting highlights can be spectacular.

Case in point: This crazy 64 touch rally from a club tournament in a match between Nook Volleyball Academy (Manheim, Pa.) and A5 Chattanooga (Tenn.), as captured by our friends at Hudl.

While most of the touches were strong, fundamental volleyball plays, there were a handful there were absolutely extraordinary. Watch the full highlight back again and play close attention to touch 23 (an A5 backhanded save), 28 (a Nook save beyond the baseline), 33 (a Nook diving save), 39 (another Nook diving save), 54 (a third Nook diving save), and finally, 62 (a Nook play which caught A5 out of position and was the decisive touch).

The massive rally wasn’t a match winner, but it was a show stopper. And it was the kind of rally that makes us and so many others so excited about the summer prep circuit … in all sports.

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