Here’s the NFL’s Most Popular Bet to Win NFL MVP

Here’s an interesting little stat. Out of all the players in the NFL, including Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, etc. there’s one man who has become the most popular bet to capture the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.

According to Caesars Palace, Chicago Bears star Quarterback Mitchell  Trubisky is currently their most popular bet to win NFL MVP.

He’s only in his third year, and has played very well at times, but also has made some questionable decisions on the field.

Of course, this does not mean Trubisky is the favorite. The favorite to win is Patrick Mahomes at 4/1, followed by Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck at 8/1, then Drew Brees and Carson Wentz at 10/1.

Tom Brady is at 12/1.

Trubisky is a distant 200/1, which is why he is so popular of a bet, because of the “value.”

If you do bet on him and he wins, you’re going to never stop talking about that as long as you live.

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