Steelers rookie documents overhaul of Browns-themed bathroom

Allegiances sometimes shift come NFL Draft time, especially if a childhood Cleveland Browns fan is drafted by one of their chief rivals.

For rookie cornerback Justin Layne, that meant that he needed to completely overhaul a Browns-themed bathroom after being selected in the draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. And he did so with the help of his father, who documented the process on Instagram.

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That simple…

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“Yes sir. Oh yeah, Browns everywhere, my dad took it all down and replaced it — literally everything, every flag I had,” Layne said Friday, via Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. “So, it’s all done. We are fully committed.”

Layne joins the Steelers just as many believe that the Browns are prepared to eclipse them — so much so that Cleveland is trying to manage those expectations. For his sake, Layne hopefully won’t be put in the awkward situation of watching the Browns play in the playoffs at home as a member of a rival organization.