Usain Bolt 40 time ties NFL record for fastest 40 in sweats (Video)

Usain Bolt 40 time is a story in itself because he  has already proven that he is one of if not the fastest man in history and he showed us why.

At the age of 32, Bolt still has the ability to tie the record NFL 40-yard dash time while wearing sweats and sneakers. Considering how NFL athletes train and prepare for their 40, this is a remarkable time.

That’s exactly what the famed sprinter did Saturday, posting a 4.22 despite the fact that he was putting in what counted as a casual effort just for fun.

John Ross, the holder of the record, said after setting the mark that he wanted to challenge Usain Bolt. The sprinter essentially laughed off the challenge, saying there was no way Ross would beat him. Considering Bolt didn’t do any prep work and ran in sneakers and still matched Ross’s record-setting mark, Bolt is probably right.

Usain Bolt 40 time

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