Oakland Raiders Punter Johnny Townsend Girlfriend Taylor Laffey Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleader

Johnny Townsend Girlfriend Taylor Laffey

Oakland Raiders Punter Johnny Townsend Girlfriend Taylor Laffey is a Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleader.

The Oakland Raiders season didn’t go quite as planned with the return of Jon Gruden.  They finished with a 4-12 record and in 28th place in scoring with just 290 points on the season.

That means lots of bad offensive football and when there’s bad offensive football there’s lots of turnovers and punts.  The frequent punts were a good thing for rookie punter Johnny Townsend.

The former Florida Gator punted the ball 70 times during the season and finished with a 43.2 yards per punt average.  Not a bad first season in the league.

Johnny Townsend Girlfriend Taylor Laffey

Even more impressive is the fact that Townsend, despite not being a star quarterback, landed a cheerleader.  That’s right, Townsend is dating Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader Taylor Laffey.

Photos of Taylor Laffey are Below:

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