James Harden Historic run, Doesn’t even matter

James Harden has been having a historic run for the Houston Rockets.  He is scored over 30 points for the past 17 games.  The media is proclaiming him as the MVP favorite again, which is deservingly so because of his individual play thus far.

The reason I say that this historic run doesn’t matter is because he won’t have this kind of play in the playoffs.  James Harden has consistently NOT been clutch when it comes to his play in the post season.

Harden has earned the right to be considered one of the top players in the NBA. What he hasn’t earned is the right to be called clutch in “Clutch City.”

The Houston Rockets have suffered numerous injuries this year that have led to Harden having to play and up his production to this point.  Most recently, Clint Capela is out with a finger injury. He is in the zone right now and we are witnessing amazing basketball.

What I want to see from James Harden is his ability to close out in the post season.  When the pressure rises, and the implications are high, then he should give me 57 points along with a triple-double.

When James Harden is able to do this he will solidify his name in history as one of the greatest.  Yes, the Rockets have brought in Chris Paul, and as of recently, Austin Rivers, to help but we know who ultimately has to perform.

The Rockets had the Golden State Warriors on the ropes last year in the Western Conference Finals and they were unable to close the deal when Chris Paul went out with an injury.  This year is the year Harden has to take over and carry his team to the finals.

Will it be done, we will have to see.

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