Viviana Volpicelli, Nelson Agholor’s Girlfriend catches eyes

Super Bowl champion Nelson Agholor is a champ off the field too.  The Philadelphia Eagles reciever is dating Los Angeles beauty blogger Viviana Volpicelli.

She might be the most impressive catch of his entire career.  He got his ring, it might be time to get her one of her won.

Agholor is primed for another run at a Super Bowl.  Here’s a closer look at Viviana and her hotness.

Agholor, 24, and Volpicelli, 22, have been dating since he was in college. Agholor wrote on Instagram about her, “Special in so many ways!” and “You make life easier each day ??” Volpicelli wrote on Instagram about their relationship, “To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything.”

Here’s what you need to know about Volpicelli and her relationship with Agholor:

1. Agholor & Volpicelli Met in College at the University of Southern California

Nelson Agholor & Viviana Volpicelli

Viviana Volpicelli and Nelson Agholor met at the University of Southern California, where they both studied, according to their social media pages. Agholor, 24, played for the USC Trojans football team from 2012 to 2014, before leaving to enter the NFL Draft after his junior season.

Agholor was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 20th pick of the NFL Draft in 2015. He has been with the Eagles since then.

This season, Agholor caught 62 catches, including 8 touchdown passes.

Agholor wrote on Instagram in early January alongside a photo with Volpicelli, “Walking into 2018 with my best friend and love of my life Thanks for dealing with me not just this year but every year since we met.”

2. Volpicelli Is a California Native & Graduated From Palos Verdes High School

Nelson Agholor & Viviana Volpicelli

Volpicelli is a California native and graduated from Palos Verdes High School, according to her Facebook profile.

Her father, Dr. Anton Volpicelli, works in occupational medicine as a the managing physician of U.S. Healthworks Medical Center in El Segundo, California, according to the company’s website.

Her mother, Diane Volpicelli, works in real estate management.

3. She Graduated From USC in 2017 With a Degree in Public Policy

Viviana Volpicelli

Viviana Volpicelli began studying at the University of Southern California in 2013 and graduated in 2017, according to her Linkedin profile.

She completed her degree in real estate development, which is part of the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the university.

4. She Runs a Beauty Blog Where She Writes About Makeup, Skincare, Fashion & More

Nelson Agholor & Viviana Volpicelli

Volpicelli runs a beauty blog website,, where she writes about makeup, skincare, fashion and more.

On her website, Volpicelli recommends products, clothes and beauty techniques that she uses and posts photos of herself to go along with the blog posts.

She often promotes natural products and advised against tanning.

“Instead of traditional perfume, I wear an essential oil fragrance to avoid the hundreds of toxic chemicals found in regular perfume. Click the link in my bio to read about the hidden dangers of conventional perfumes and shop my favorite all natural product I use to smell nice,” she wrote in one post.

5. Volpicelli Was at Agholhor’s Side as He Celebrated the NFC Championship VictoryNelson Agholor & Viviana Volpicelli

Volpicelli was by Nelson Agholor’s side as he celebrated his team’s NFC Championship victory over the Minnesota Vikings in January. Agholor wrote on Instagram, “special shoutout to my soulmate and wonderful girlfriend thank you for your support and sacrifice!”

During the season, Volpicelli traveled back and forth between California and Philadelphia to spend time with her boyfriend.

On Super Bowl Sunday, she wrote on Instagram, “THAT ONE – THREE ? Today is the day! Happy Super Bowl Sunday ? You were born to be here my love!!! @nelsonagholor15 ??? Who’s watching?!”

More Photos of Nelson Agholor & Viviana Volpicelli

Viviana Volpicelli Nelson Agholor & Viviana Volpicelli Viviana Volpicelli Viviana Volpicelli Viviana Volpicelli Viviana Volpicelli Viviana Volpicelli Viviana Volpicelli Viviana Volpicelli Viviana Volpicelli Viviana Volpicelli Viviana Volpicelli

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