Carmelo Anthony poised to join Los Angeles Lakers

Lebron James Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony looks to be getting ready to join the Los Angeles Lakers. Anthony was released from the Houston Rockets after they felt he wasn’t a good fit for there team. Since Carmelo left the Rockets, they are 10-8 including this last 3 game win streak.

The Rockets releasing Carmelo was a big mistake.  It had more to do with Anthony’s relationship with head coach Mike D’Antoni.  They had a rocky relationship from back in New York and it bled over to Houston.

With Carmelo Anthony released from the Houston Rockets, he can be a great asset for many teams trying to make a push in the playoffs.  His experience and veteran leadership will help as the intensity of NBA games increases.

Many teams have expressed interest into the all-star but I think there are two teams that would be a great fit for Carmelo.  From the east, the Philadelphia 76ers would be a great fit and from the west, the Los Angeles Lakers would be a great fit.

Carmelo Anthony has great offensive ability and he would be a great asset to both the 76ers and the Lakers.  The most likely suitor for Carmelo is the Los Angeles Lakers.  Anthony’s relationship with Lebron James would make him a great fit for the team and wouldn’t cost them.  Carmelo is hungry for a championship and with Lebron’s leadership, he would be on the right path to get one.

Carmelo Anthony Lebron James

John Salley seems to know a little bit about the situation that we don’t know.  TMZ camera’s caught up with Salley and he hinted that Carmelo Anthony would be joining the Lakers.

The 4-time NBA champ is tight with Magic Johnson and he’s still plugged in with a ton of important NBA people. 

34-year-old Carmelo Anthony signed a 1-year $2.4 million contract with the Houston Rockets back in August — but it wasn’t a good fit and, in November, the team announced they were parting ways with Melo. 

He’s still technically on the roster, but it’s clear his days in Houston are done. 

Carmelo and LeBron played together on the 2008 and 2012 Olympic team where they won gold both times.