Female athletes who are no rookies when it comes to taking pictures

Meghan Hardin (Golf)

This is one young golfer who came into the public eye at the very early age of 19, when she appeared in the Big Break Atlantis event. In addition, she played full-time on the Cactus Tour as well as the Grasshopper Tour. Clearly a very serious competitor, Meghan impressed us as a professional athlete, but she also got a lot of recognition publicly for other reasons – such as her various Instagram selfies she’s taken over the years. When you compare these two personas to each other, it really is like night and day: On one hand, she is a strong and fierce competitor. And on the other, a head turner that could make any man squirm.

Alicia Schmidt (Sprinting)

Here is one of our newbies as far as athletes who are also Instagram stars go. Hailing from the country of Germany, Alicia Schmidt is a professional sprinter, and she in poised to appear in the 2020 Olympics. If you think that’s impressive, wait till we hit you with this piece of knowledge… she is only 18 years old. People are only recently starting to hear about her, but her popularity is rising rapidly, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be declining anytime soon.

Blair O’Neal (Golf)

There really seems to be a trend going on in America – blonde female golfers who have the knack for modeling as well. We’re not yet too sure what could be causing this phenomenon… but we’ll get back to you when we figure it out. Blair O’Neal, who is clearly a mesmerizing presence both on the field and on the web, is actually the former winner of the Golf Channel’s Big Break competition in the Dominican Republic.

Katie Kearney (Golf)

Unlike many of her contemporaries in the female golfing world, Katie Kearney came from a background of modeling before she became a professional golfer in 2012. And when we say that, we mean that she was Miss Missouri – and when you look at this young woman, can you really be surprised? Her Instagram account is one of the most popular around today, and to make her even more interesting, she is actually the daughter of former NFL Dallas Cowboy Timothy Kearney.

Lucy Robson (Golf)

Lucy Robson has spent a lot of her professional golfing career playing in the states, even though she’s actually a rare British presence in the scene. She has some impressive accolades to her name, winning the Treasure Coast Player of the Year award two years in a row, in 2012 and 2013. A few years later, she was the first place winner on the Hurricane Collegiate Tour, and she would later join the Cal Poly Mustangs.

Alexandra Raeva (Curling)

It’s always nice to learn more about the world around us, and in the last two Winter Olympics, people started to take notice of the Russian female curling team. There was just something about them that was captivating, and this is perhaps most accentuated with Alexandra Raeva. People first saw her in the 2014 Winter Olympics, and even though her fame as a curler didn’t exactly skyrocket, her impressive Instagram presence has been really quite lovely.

Anastasia Ashley (Surfing)

Ah, we just love this girl, and it’s not just because surfing is probably the coolest sport you could participate in. It’s because she has made it her business to make sure that her Instagram account is updated constantly, adding all kinds of wonderful pictures and letting us into her intimate life. Because even though surfing is cool, it’s not the most watched sport in America – but people have certainly kept an eye out for this girl.

Rachel Wray (MMA fighting)

Rachel Wray is known for her talents as a mixed martial arts fighter, but the way she got there was pretty unconventional. She actually came from a cheerleading background, first at the University of Arkansas, and eventually on the professional level, cheerleading for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs! After all that, she moved on the MMA fighting; and in the process, she invite her Instagram fans into the process of how she stays consistently fit to compete.

Ellen Hoog (Hockey)

This Dutch field hockey player may play a sport that you don’t watch quite often, but make no mistake – she is a star. Even if you ignored the fact that she has won multiple gold medals in the Olympics, first in 2008, and then in 2012, you would still be wowed by her ability to stay relevant in the public eye for for people that don’t watch field hockey. Her Instagram account has allowed fans to keep tabs on her, and they’ve never blinked an eye.

Eugenie Bouchard (Tennis)

This girl is an icon in the world of female tennis, and this is an undisputed fact. She has plenty of accolades to support this claim, such as being the first ever Canadian player to represent Canada in a singles Grand Slam matchup. She also competed in the 2014 Australian, where she reached the semifinals. People certainly love watching her play, but she’s on this list because of how lovely it is to see her letting her hair down after the match is over.

Lexi Thompson (Golf)

This is one golfer who has impressed us time after time with her ability to pull through with a crunch time victory, and this fact is expounded when you realize that she’s won a whopping nine LPGA tournaments! She also won the Kraft Nabisco Championship in 2014 – can this girl get any better? But while her golfing prowess has soared, so has her social media presence. Capitalized with the advent of her Instagram account, people have loved getting to know her in more ways that one.

Elise Lobb (Golf)

You may not have heard of Elise Lobb for her golf swing, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard about her Instagram page. She’s been playing golf since she was three years old, and even played on the collegiate level, but she unfortunately wasn’t able to take that next step. But that didn’t stop her from staying out of the golf industry completely. She eventually became a Fox Sports television host, where her love and knowledge of the game of golf shined through to her viewers. And of course, she eventually became an Instagram sensation as well, and judging from the pictures that we see here… you can see why.

Aly Raisman (Gymnastics)

This is a list about female athletes who are also stars on Instagram, but gymnast Aly Raisman is a star on both fronts. As you can see in this picture, she is an Olympic medalist, helping Team USA win a gold medal along with fellow competitor McKayla Maroney, among others. Regarding her public image off of the stage, she has been very vocal about fighting body shamers, and wearing outfits that make her feel good, which is apparent in her smile in this picture.

Lindsey Vonn (Skiing)

We feel like we don’t even want to give this woman an introduction, because just saying the name “Lindsey Vonn” ought to spark a sense of recognition and reverence in your ears right off the bat. This Winter sports aficionado has been winning numerous medals and awards for years now, and she is practically the face of American female alpine skiing. That said, she isn’t always racing, and it is during these periods that she’s enjoyed posting Instagram selfies online to the delight of fans worldwide.

Michelle Jenneke (Hurdling)

The connection between Michelle Jenneke’s life as an athlete and on Instagram is somewhat intertwined. While everyone knows her as an Olympic hurdler, her first real breakthrough into the spotlight was due to a viral video that was released of her in the 2012 World Junior Championships. The video was of her doing a cute little warm up dance routine – and boy, did people love it. A number of remixes were made, including a slowed down version – we can’t wait to see her compete in the 2020 Olympics!

Darya Klishina (Long jumper)

A professional long jumper from Russia, Darya Klishina has won herself a nice handful of medals. In the European Indoor Championships, she won three gold medals: Once in 2011, in Paris; in 2013, Gothenburg; and in 2013, Kazan. But even though she is clearly impressive, long jumping isn’t the most popular sport out there. Therefore, not many people knew who she was… that is, until people caught wind of her Instagram account, and realized who they were dealing with.

Summer Rae (Wrestling)

Although this professional wrestler’s stage name is Summer Rae, her Instagram account is framed under her real name, Danielle Moinet. But whatever her name is, we’re guessing people would love to have this girl’s number even if her name was Jamballala. Okay, maybe we got ahead of ourselves with that one, but you get our point. It’s not easy to be a captivating persona, and she does it quite well, both in the ring and on the web.

Alana Blanchard (Surfing)

The professional journey of surfer Alana Blanchard is an interesting one. Although she competed professionally in the ASP World Tour, she wasn’t always considered a “top tier” surfer. But people knew her well for another reason… she is the close friend of surfing legend Bethany Hamilton. Still, Blanchard has managed to stay successful and relevant, not just for her surfing, but for her blossoming modeling career, which has shown its presence on her Instagram account too.

McKayla Maroney(Gymnastics)

The reason we haven’t added a plug to McKayla Maroney’s Instagram page is because it’s been deleted – but thankfully, many of her stunning pictures endured. It’s as if the light she shined upon all of us was too bright, and she felt it was necessary to save us from going blind from the sheer weight of it all. This Olympic gold medalist is known for her talents as a gymnast, but make no mistake – she is quite mesmerizing for many other reasons.

Paige Spiranac (Golf)

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. What is it it with all of these blonde female golfers who look like they should be swimsuit models? Oh wait… this young lady actually did eventually become a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Talk about the ability to be multi talented. Paige Spiranac is kind of like the Michael Jordan in the category of Instagram star who’s also an athlete – and we’re betting you’re not having any trouble understanding why.

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