Mark Ingram and wife Chelsea Peltin Ingram photos

Here’s a look at Chelsea Peltin Ingram, wife of New Orleans superstar Mark Ingram.

The couple announced their engagement back in July 2016 and followed up by getting married on April 3rd, 2017.

After their wedding, Mark Ingram and Chelsea Peltin Ingram traveled 23 hours and spent their honeymoon on a small tropical island called Maldives, which is located on the Indian Ocean.

The couple has three children together, daughters Mila, Myla and their baby son, Mark V.

Here’s a little background on Mark Ingram better half. Chelsea Ingram, maiden name Chelsea Peltin, was born in San Diego, California.

Chelsea is a mix of African-American, Russian and French Canadian. Her mother is Russian and French Canadian and dad is African-American. Chelsea, a former hip hop video vixen turned fitness model, who graduated with a degree in Broadcasting Journalism from California State University.

Also, she worked as an anchor and news producer at 88.5 KCSN.

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