Houston Rockets handled Carmelo Anthony situation poorly

Carmelo Anthony time with the Houston Rockets is over, the team confirmed on Thursday night. Anthony, a 10-time All-Star forward, will part ways with the team after playing only 10 regular-season games.

Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni spoke on Thursday about the team parting ways with Carmelo Anthony, and he tried to put things as politely as possible. The bottom line is that Anthony was a poor fit on the team, so they decided to move on.

I believe it was more personal than it was business. The Rockets may have wanted to maneuver some things around and everything they tried backfired.

The Rockets are no where near the team the were last year and will not be a factor in the Western Conference this year.

Here’s what D’Antoni said about the situation, via Houston Chronicle Rockets reporter Jonathan Feigen:

The Rockets are keeping Anthony on their roster for now while trying to figure out the next step. He just will not be reporting to the team.

Truth be told, everyone knew what type of player Carmelo Anthony was before he signed with the Houston Rockets. I think the unwillingness to explore more options showed a lack of coaching ability. You can’t coach James Harden the same way you coach Chris Paul.  The same way you can’t coach a Lebron James led team versus a Kevin Durant led team.

To throw in the towel after 10 games may hurt the Rockets even worse in the long run when trying to secure another player.  It’s known that James Harden and Chris Paul may be hard teammates to play with.

With James Harden’s style of play, they just need a player who’s going to stand and watch James dribble for 10 seconds, either get the rebound or be able to shoot the 3-point-shot when it’s passed to them.  With this style of play, and James Harden playing the way he does, the Rockets will never win a championship.

James Harden also has not been able to shake the playoff curse in his career. In his MVP season last year, when the games got tough with the Warriors he was often a no show, at one point going long stretches without making a 3 pointer. That shot is very important to his game.

The counter to that was Chris Paul leadership and tenacity kept the Rockets in competitive, helping them win in spite of James Harden’s lack luster playoff play.

James Harden Chris Paul Carmelo Anthony Daryl Morey

When the Rockets had the chance to get Jimmy Butler, the rumor was they weren’t trying to trade Tucker because he was too valuable.  We all know that was a lie.  That was only a play to try and increase his value for a trade later.

Fast forward a few weeks and the Rockets don’t have Jimmy Butler nor do they have Carmelo Anthony anymore. Because of the Carmelo shenanigans, they won’t be able to attract a great player this year. A total waste. Clutch city went from hoping to make it to the finals to almost a rebuilding year.

As for Carmelo, he’ll be picked up somewhere.  I like the fit of him going to Philadelphia 76ers with Jimmy Butler, Ben Simmons, and Joel Embiid.  He would add another scoring dynamic, making them hard to beat in the eastern conference.


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