Brandon Ingram ladies Amber Washington, Raelynn Inez fight on IG

Brandon Ingram girlfriend Amber Washington and his stripper side chick Raelynn Inez have been going back and forth about the seats than Ingram have been getting them for the game.

Because they have been getting clowned on social media, Ingram has been doing his best to keep them happy.

In this case, Washington trolled Inez by showing she has been moved to the A+ groupie section which is the 100s close to the baseline.

The LA stripper Raelynn Inez who Ingram  isn’t allowed to show his face on social media.

Amber Washington is on IG defending that she has the same arrangement with Ingram after he flew her to Spurs game and made her sit in upper deck.

She wasn’t allowed to take pics of her and Ingram, but she snuck one pic of them in bed together while he was sleeping with a caption saying she is cool with their situation, she made sure his distinct tattoos were visible.

I am happy that Brandon Ingram has upgraded his stripper lady Raelynn from the nosebleeds to the semi nosebleeds on the baseline.

Who knows in a couple of years she might get courtside, she just has to hang in there and make sure she doesn’t say his name because she doesn’t get her bonuses that way.

Check Out the Pages Below for Pictures of his two women

Amber Washington

Brandon Ingram Amber Washington

Raelynn Inez

Raelynn Inez Brandon Ingram Raelynn Inez Brandon Ingram

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