Jacksonville Jaguars Players Detained in London after Nightclub situation

Four Jacksonville Jaguars players detained after an incident in a night club on Saturday just hours before they play the Philadelphia Eagles. It was because of a dispute over a massive bar bill.

Barry Church (safety), Ronnie Harrison (safety), D.J.Hayden (corner) and Jarrod Wilson (safety) were hanging out at The London Reign nightclub — which features burlesque and circus performers.

The bar claims the guys ordered up a ton of champagne and vodka and didn’t pay for it. The guys say they were SENT a ton of bottles while hanging at the club and assumed the bottles were comped.

Either way, the bottles were on the check — and the players refused to pay. The guys were confronted by bar security, an argument broke out and cops were called.

Reports out of England say the bill was more than $50,000!!!!

In the end, the Jacksonville Jaguars Players Detained … but later released without charges after they worked out a deal with the club to resolve the bill dispute. Translation — they probably paid.

The Jags issued a statement to Ian Rapoport saying … “We are aware that four of our players were detained over restitution of a bill. The matter is being resolved and the players are with the team. Any discipline will be handled internally.”

The Jaguars are scheduled to play the Eagles at Wembley Stadium tomor