Colin Kaepernick getting interests from NFL teams

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick has not played in the NFL in well over a year now and with everything going on, there have been no hints that any teams were interested in signing the former quarterback. According to Kaepernick’s agent, however, Kaepernick remains on the radar for some franchises.

Mark Geragos, the attorney representing Kaepernick in his collusion case against the NFL, told TMZ that there may be some “big news” regarding a contract for the 30-year-old in the near future. Geragos said Kaepernick has been following the Dolphins since Kenny Stills and other players are carrying out his national anthem protests. When asked if Colin Kaepernick might sign with Miami, Geragos said there are two other teams that are interested.

“I wouldn’t say join the Dolphins. I’ve got two other teams that will remain nameless,” he said. “I’ll just say this — if Al Davis was still alive.”

You could interpret that as a hint that Jon Gruden and the Raiders may be interested. Geragos was then asked for his thoughts on rapper Meek Mill, who recently wrote a song about Kaepernick. Interestingly enough, he took that opportunity to point out how Patriots owner Robert Kraft has supported Mill.

“You know who Meek Mill was visited by when he was in custody?” Geragos asked.Colin Kaepernick Nike

A member of the TMZ crew then said it was Kraft, to which Geragos said “bingo.”

It seems highly unlikely that the Patriots would sign Kaepernick, as they typically only carry two quarterbacks on their active roster and seem perfectly content with Brian Hoyer as Tom Brady’s backup. As for the Raiders, you could maybe read something into the fact that Gruden seems frustrated with his QB situation.Colin kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick has a lot going on in his life without an NFL contract, but he still wants to play. Unfortunately, there’s no reason to think his situation is going to suddenly change.

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