Superintendent Lynn Redden racist comments addressed by Texans Coach

Lynn Redden racist

Lynn Redden is superintendent of the Onalaska Independent School District in the Piney Woods, about 75 miles north of Houston. Redden decided that he had something to say about black Houston Texas quarterback Deshaun Watson performance on Sunday, so he waited a few days to really iron out a position that made the most sense and truly encapsulated his feelings about not only the game, but also Watson’s contributions to his team.

On Tuesday, Redden wrote on Houston Chronicle’s Facebook page: “That may have been the most inept quarterback decision I’ve seen in the NFL. When you need precision decision making you can’t count on a black quarterback.”

Redden realized that he’s racist had made a huge mistake and quickly deleted his post. For the record, the mistake wasn’t that he said it, because he wrote it so clearly he meant it. It was that he posted it to a public page, which he thought was private. Anything he says after this fact is bullshit but we will continue.

Thankfully for the black children who attend school in the Onalaska Independent School District, reader Matt Ericksen captured an image of the comment and alerted the newspaper.

“It’s important to make sure horrible words are met with consequences, especially for those in powerful positions with influence,” Matt Ericksen, told the Houston Chronicle. “A 2016-17 Texas Academic Performance Report listed nine students out of a total of 1,026 in the district, or 0.9 percent, as African American,” The Washington Post reports.

Redden has apologized for everyone seeing the inner workings of his brain and his true feelings on black quarterbacks being exposed. He even explained that some people may have been taking his comments out of context and noted that he wasn’t being racist but was merely talking about black quarterbacks struggles over the years.

“Over the history of the NFL, they have had limited success,” Redden told the Chronicle. See, soooo not racist at all.

So now the school district wants to talk with Redden about his comments and his contract but the over/under on whether Redden loses his job is about the same as the percentage of black kids in the school district.

When Redden made that comment, there 26 white quarterbacks starting in the NFL that week. Their combined career winning percentage was .568. Six black quarterbacks started that same week. Their combined winning percentage was .597.

Lynn Redden racist

Lynn Redden racist

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