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La La Anthony Releases Top-Seller ‘The Love Play Book’

La La Anthony on Good Morning America

La La Anthony on ‘Good Morning America’
photo credit: La La Instagram

La La Anthony, wife of the New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony has added best selling author to her resume. Ms. Anthony celebrated the release of her first novel “The Love Play Book” this past Monday at a jam-packed New York Barnes and Nobles.

The book features La La’s views on sex and happiness and her rules on the four-letter word l-o-v-e. “The Love Play Book” sky-rocketed to the top of the charts at number one on Barnes & Nobles’ top 100 sellers list within a day’s time.

La La is the definition of a superwoman, from her days hosting at MTV to NBA wife to supermom to reality TV star to makeup extraordinaire to now a best-selling author. Her journey serves as inspiration to millions of people.

“The Love Play Book” has America in a frenzy, with sold-out book signings to daytime TV appearances on “Good Morning America,” “The Bethany Show,” “The View,” “The Katie Show” and the list goes on. The attention this book is getting must be for a reason.

“The Love Play Book” is in stores now at $24.95 retail. Here’s a couple of flicks of La La on her book tour.

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