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Baltimore Orioles rumors: Ubaldo Jimenez to the bullpen?


Remember when Ubaldo Jimenez was one of the better free agent pitchers available and multiple teams were scrambling to sign the veteran after an impressive season with the Cleveland Indians?

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Seems like quite a while ago, especially after Ubaldo Jimenez laid down another dud on Saturday night and it appears as if the Baltimore Orioles are fed up with his constant poor outings.

After giving up six runs in just 4 1/3 innings against his former Indians teammates, Jimenez could have his next turn in the rotation skipped or it’s possible he could be demoted to the bullpen moving forward.

Jimenez, who would be in line to start one of those games following Thursday’s off day, could be skipped or moved to the bullpen. Showalter reiterated on Sunday that he did not want to specify the plans for Jimenez –who allowed six runs over 4 1/3 innings in Saturday’s loss– and it’s also possible the right-hander gets another chance.

“I’m kind of decided but I’m not going to [say],” Showalter said of Jimenez’s next step. “We’ll see. we’ll see how the next few days ago.”

“His work day is the day after tomorrow. So, see how he is when we get there.”

This isn’t the first time the Baltimore Orioles have reportedly played with the idea of sending Ubaldo Jimenez to the bullpen as there was a belief they were exploring such an option just a few weeks ago. Now it appears more than possible, though no official move has been announced as of yet.

Thankfully for the Baltimore Orioles, they do have a six game lead in the American League though understandably they don’t want to toy around with their place in the standings.