US Sprinter Trayvon Bromell — I'm Coming for You Usain Bolt … 'Anybody Can Be Beaten' (VIDEO)


Confidence: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Put U.S. track star Trayvon Bromell in that category, ’cause he believes he can dethrone the fastest man on Earth … Jamaican cyborg Usain Bolt.

Bromell is no slouch … placing 3rd in the 100 meters at the World Championships … so when we got him at LAX, we asked if he thinks he’s got a shot at the title next year in Rio. After all, he ran a blistering 9.92 to Usain’s 9.79 at championships.

Check out the clip — Bromell says despite Usain’s unbelievable record NO ONE is immune to an ass whupping from time to time.