Soccer Ref KO’d By Kick After Running To Get Stun-Gun (Video)


This poor ref never had a chance, and shouldn’t have been selected for this lower level match if he wasn’t going to be protected.

Nikolai Moshchev, a 65-year-old ref from Porkhov, has been hospitalized after a Russian soccer match he was refereeing went all the way bad for him.

The key incident, at the end of the game, appears to have occurred when a Porkhov attack ended with a foul on the edge of the box. The referee gave a free-kick, which Porkhov scored to go 3-2 ahead while the Gdov players were still arguing with the referee. At this point, the referee took the unusual decision of cancelling out the goal but awarding a penalty instead, which Porkhov also scored, leading to further scenes of chaos.

A fan in attendance said it was not rare for games to end in fights, and said two other games in the Pskov league that day had also featured brawls.

H/T: The Guardian