Brewers’ Ryan Braun hints thumb injury is getting worse

Brewers’ Ryan Braun hints thumb injury is getting worse

The Milwaukee Brewers are in the midst of a pennant race and the last thing they wanted to hear was that slugger Ryan Braun was hurt, but that’s what they’ll be dealing with and it doesn’t seem as if the issue will be going away in the near future.

Ryan Braun has been dealing with a thumb injury for quite some time but has done his best to deal with the pain. So far, so good as the former MVP is putting up a respectable .279 average with 14 home runs on the season. That’s not your typical Ryan Braun season, though it’s difficult to tell if the numbers are down slightly due to injury or a lack of supplements.

Whatever the case, Braun is still the man in the Milwaukee Brewers lineup though he says his troublesome thumb injury is bothering him.

“At this point, my only focus is dealing with it the best we can, managing it,” Braun said. “The trainers have been great. We’re trying to stay on the field and compete the best I can.”

Ryan Braun hasn’t looked like a very confident hitter in recent days and his manager, Ron Roenicke suggested he wasn’t a fan of his defensive swings and thinks the injury is a problem for Braun.

“A week ago, he was swinging the bat great,” manager Ron Roenicke said. “Probably the last four, five, six days, somewhere in there, it’s been bothering him. If he has a couple at-bats where he doesn’t square up the ball right, sometimes it flares it up, and then you see difference in swings, which I saw [Wednesday] a lot different swings from him.”

Not exactly the news you want to hear as a Brewers fan.

Milwaukee currently holds a 1.5 game lead over the second place Pittsburgh Pirates, 2 games over the third place St. Louis Cardinals.

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