Texans’ Arian Foster: Andre Johnson is Houston

Texans’ Arian Foster: Andre Johnson is Houston

Andre Johnson pretty much owns Houston. He’s spent 12 years in the NFL, and unlike most players, he’s stayed with the same team. He and the Texans may be engrossed in a tiff at the moment, but Arian Foster doesn’t imagine it will end in the departure of Andre Johnson. His identity and and the city’s identity are too tangled.

“He is Houston,” Foster told KPRC in Houston, via FoxSports. “I remember when I had my little run where I had like back-to-back great seasons. I felt like this city loves me, they love me here. Everywhere I go, this is still Dre’s city. I don’t care if James Harden is walking around, Dwight Howard, whatever. This is Andre Johnson’s city. He is Houston. That’s what it means more than anything. He’s been a staple here for so long.”

Johnson doesn’t seem caught up in that. He’s ready to make the break. He asked for a trade, reportedly. It seems that Foster understands how big of a pity it would be if Johnson deserted Houston. The two are perfect for one another on the field. Unfortunately, that’s not the problem in Andre Johnson’s eyes — it’s the other skill players that he’s worries about, the quarterbacks. Johnson is so dead set on not playing with another bad quarterback that he’s willing not to play at all. Foster gets that.

“Ultimately that’s one of my friends outside the field. So I want him to do what’s best for him,” Foster said. “If he doesn’t feel like playing anymore, he wants to hang it up, then I’ll support him. If he wants to come back and help us win, I’m all for that as well.”

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