Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have dance-off rematch (Video)

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have dance-off rematch (Video)

If I’ve learned one thing in this life, it’s that NHL players can’t dance. As if more confirmation were needed, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane staged this horrible “dance-off” at the Blackhawks fan convention.

Apparently the two players did a dance-off last year, and fans enjoyed it so much that they begged them to do it again. The players obliged. Because they have no problem embarrassing themselves in front of thousands of people.

Toews goes first, breaking into some kind of sliding, robot moonwalking thing around Kane’s chair, punctuating it with an arm gesture. Kane responds with an awkward shimmy and ends by air-kissing Toews.

And the winner is? No one. The losers are, all white people. And anyone who cares about dancing. And, frankly, all Blackhawks fans. Especially the ones in the crowd who were screaming like crazy people.

Oh, that’s entertaining to you? Watching two grown men fail utterly at dancing? Great. Keep on encouraging them. Keep on helping to reinforce the belief that NHL players are the worst dancers in the entire sports world.

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