Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons will be traded from the Houston Rockets for Carmelo Anthony


The Houston Rockets played hard but not hard enough as the Portland Trail Blazers send the Rockets home for good with their dramatic 99-98 victory on Friday night.

The Rockets have been receiving disappointing play from James Harden for much of the series, however Harden came to play in game 6.  Dwight has been consistent all series and he didn’t disappoint as he finished the game with 26 points, 11 rebounds, three assists, two blocks, and one steal.

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He was the best player of the series for the Rockets, stepping up his dominance and averaging out at 26 points, 3 blocks, and 14 rebounds.

Now with all this being said, this will be the last time we see the nucleus of Howard, Harden, Chandler Parsons, Terrence Jones, Omer Asik, Jeremy Lin, and Patrick Beverley together.  With Lin and Asik set to make $30 million next year, there will definitely be changes in the locker room.

The biggest sore on the salary cap is Jeremy Lin, who is set to make $15 million next year.  It’s very hard to justify paying a guy that much coming off the bench.  Lin is a great BACKUP for any team in the league right now.  However, he is definitely not worth the amount of money he is due.

The question now is how do you trade him.  You’d have to pair him with Chandler Parsons to justify that amount of money.  Parsons is scheduled to make $964,000 next year.  The two of them basically swap salaries, so you get Lin and Parsons for $16 million.

Here comes to Carmelo Anthony.  If Phil Jackson is unable to give Carmelo Anthony a team that he feels can compete for a championship, then I see him coming to the Rockets to play alongside Howard and Harden.

Anthony has went on record saying he wouldn’t mind taking a pay cut to play on a championship caliber team.  So how will the Rockets be able to get Carmelo?

The Rockets could package Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons, and Terrence Jones in a deal to the New York Knicks for Carmelo Anthony.

The Knicks would get great players and the Rockets would have their big three in Howard, Harden, and Anthony.  The Rockets would definitely be the team to beat just like Miami was when they joined forces with Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James.

Had the Rockets advanced to the next round or even further, then the argument would be to keep the core of the team together.  However going out in the first round shows that there will definitely be changes to come in Houston.

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  1. I pray to GOD this happen! People don’t realize we been struggling in this series because of Parsons and Lin! You gotta pay attention to critical stretches of the game to see how those two kept hurting us with bonehead mistakes and missed shots. Take Parsons for instance.

    We get a big lead, and Parsons is always the number one culprits that comes in and start stinking up things fast. He get selfish and big-headed when we have a lead. It’s as if he want fans to see that it was because him we got the lead when it wasnt.

    And how many times we cringe when Parsons miss SO MANY simple lay-ups? Even in Game 6, dude literally had a clear path to the basket and totally an uncontested lay-up and just miss. Jeremy Lin, same thing. It’s hard for the casual fan to see that because we’re so focused on what Harden doing on defense or offense, and same for Howard. So, we miss how Parsons and Lin just keep destroying our chances.

    If they do well and put together a couple runs and sack up some points, it’s always followed by an equal number of bad shots, bad turnovers and unbelievable mistakes. As much as the Lin fans and Parsons fans like to criticize Harden , Harden came to play when it mattered the most.

    Parsons and Lin didnt. Parsons –

    for a 17. Lin –

    for 14. And this in the biggest game of our series. That just unacceptable when Howard goes for

    points and Harden,

    points. We know who are leaders are and who arent. Parsons and Lin are NOT our leaders. They are role players and inconsistent to be blessed with superstar talents like Harden and Howard.

    They gotta go! Plain and simple! In fact, McHale gotta go too because Parsons is his pet-project and we don’t need neither of them. Trade them Morey! Do it for the fans and the team. We deserves better than this crap. I would trade Lin, Parsons and Jones for Melo. And fire McHale for George Karl.

      • What you saw in this series from both Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin, is their ceiling. They will not get any better than this. They are average role players. Neither of them is a complete package like the Blazers’ Mathew or Nicolas. Those are solid role players and they play both ends of the court.

        Parsons and Lin are too much on the offense, and average at that. When I see Parsons trying to go one-on-one, it’s a sad day in the NBA. Dude “think” he’s more than what he is. The fact of the matter, Parsons can’t create his own shots. He simply a shot-up, unnatural shooter.

        I rather groom Troy Daniels instead. He’s a Specialist. Those are the pieces you want around Howard and Harden. And the only way Daniels can grow, Lin and Parsons gotta go. Otherwise, they will keep the ball among themselves than get Daniels involved.

        The fact Lin Fans and Parsons fans want Lin to hold down the starting PG spot, dude had only

        assists in the biggest game of the series. Just four! Harden put up

        by comparison.

      • This notion that Parsons is a “better player” that we should keep him rather than trading him for Carmelo Anthony is delusional. Melo is “Big Time.” He’s a solid Superstar talent. Just picture him in Parsons’ role this series. Do you see Melo being as average on the court like Parsons? Disappearing for long stretches of the game? Can’t create his own shots. Missing easy and critical lay-ups? Can’t guard no one when it matters more?

        I don’t see that. I see a huge upgrade. You won’t cringe when the ball is in Melo’s hands. And he’ll share the ball with two Superstars already on the team. That was the whole plan; to get our Big 3.

        Why stop now when we have a chance to make it happen?