NBA admits to blown call on Dwight Howard with 10.8 seconds left in Overtime



The link below shows a questionable call the the NBA has now officially said was the “Wrong Call.”


With 10.8 seconds remaining in overtime, a referee called a foul on Dwight Howard, which was ultimately his sixth foul. Had the foul been called correctly it could have sent the Rockets to the line and given them the lead had he made the foul shots.  Then again it is a big what if.  On the play, Howard moves in for a rebound from the top of the key, but Freeland blocks him and appears to put his arms around him entirely. Howard was called for the foul as Freeland maintained position and the referee missed the reach.

The Blazers had a one-point lead, and Freeland made one of two free throws to account for the final score, a 122-120 Portland victory.

“After video review by the league office, we have determined that the officials were incorrect in assessing a foul to the Rockets’ Dwight Howard with 10.8 seconds remaining in overtime,” Rod Thorn, the NBA’s president of basketball operations, said in a news release. “The foul should have been called on the Blazers’ Joel Freeland and Howard should have been awarded two free throws.”

But this error in the Rockets-Blazers game had a more tangible effect than the Warriors-Clippers mistake, as Howard, a 54.7% free throw shooter, would have been sent to the line with a chance to take the lead. Instead Freeland helped the Blazers take home-court advantage from the Rockets.

Game 2 is Wednesday in Houston.


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