Good morning, the Warriors got Mozgoved and are in peril

Good morning, the Warriors got Mozgoved and are in peril

Could Golden State really miss the postseason?


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Good morning. Let’s basketball.

REMEMBER THE TIME: Remember a few weeks ago when Oklahoma City’s defense had totally fallen apart? Yeah, that’s not happening any more. Mike Prada with the pretty pictures showing us that the Thunder Resistance is back.

A QUICK REMINDER: Andre Iguodala came up in the shadow of Allen Iverson. So when he drops an absurdly nasty crossover on someone, keep that in mind. My goodness.

THAT SAID: The Warriors gave up a 20-point cushion and lost to Denver on Thursday. Timofey Mozgov had 23 and 29. It’s totally possible if not at all probable that the Warriors could still miss the playoffs. With four games remaining, Golden State has a 1-game lead on Phoenix and Dallas and a 2-game lead on Memphis.

Golden State visits the Lakers tonight, which should be a win, then has the Blazers, Wolves and Nuggets remaining. Memphis has the Sixers, Lakers, Suns and Mavs. The teams split their season series 2-2 and would likely go pretty far down the list of tiebreakers. To be sure of victory, Memphis needs to win out and hope the Warriors only beat the Lakers, losing to the others. Alternatively, if the Warriors lose out Memphis can drop one game and catch them.

Alternatively alternatively, Memphis doesn’t care how it gets in, so it’ll be watching the Phoenix-Dallas scoreboards and trying to take care us that business to earn its spots. If Golden State implodes, that’s just a bonus.

MEANWHILE … San Antonio beat the Mavericks to give Memphis some hope. The Spurs’ magic number to clinch home court throughout is one. Also worth noting here: Indiana and Miami would currently be the Nos. 4 and 5 seeds in the West.

THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW: I explained why the NBA let Larry Sanders begin serving his suspension this weekdespite the Bucks shutting him down weeks ago. It’s a no-win for the league.

BAD BOYS: The 30 for 30 on the Bad Boys is next week. The Sports Fan Journal has an awesome preview/review.

OH COME ON: Rajon Rondo doesn’t even really try to sell this flop. Don’t they offer acting classes down in Lexington?

MUST-LISTEN: Zach Lowe and Kevin Pelton on the application of advanced metrics in the NBA.

INDEED: Dikembe Mutombo’s Cookie Monster impression is indeed amazing. Speaking of Deke and impressions: don’t forget about the glorious ’08 Rockets’ takes on Mutombo. Aaron Brooks and Steve Novak … man.

UH, THAT’S SIR AMIR JOHNSON TO YOU, PEON. (Uh, I can’t be the only person whose Medieval Times experience was marred by a neurotic sense of hyperrealism when struck with food poisoning hours later? “Wait, how realistic was this? Did I just get the Black Death?”)

SURE: Warriors owners talks about a championship as the only objective, brushes off all questions about expectations and whether they are being met. We’ll find out soon enough.

YES, PLEASE: The Lakers really should make a full-court press to keep Nick Young. For the sake of all of us.

Important etymology note on Nick Calathes.

COFFEE IS MY PED. I AM THE LANCE ARMSTRONG OF COFFEE. It turns out that caffeine briefly boosts athletic performance by roughly 3 percent, no matter the activity. Of note, it doesn’t just boost speed, power or whatever, but also concentration. “You don’t say!” says the blogger with a java IV drip at 4:44 a.m. local time.

HMM: Interesting comments from Golden State’s top two defenders on how they feel about the onset of better defensive metrics.

NOPE: I’m a fan of Kevin Lincoln, but he should be sentenced to listening the MonStars theme on repeat for 24 hours after suggesting we need more sports-themed rap songs in the wake of “Draft Day.”

MEET THE BAG MAN: This is what happens in college football recruiting. (God, Godfrey is good.) Imagine it might happen in college basketball too, yeah?

HOW INTERESTING: It turns out that concern story about former players getting shut out of NBA front office jobs everyone knew was bulls–t when it was published is, in fact, bulls–t.

I DON’T JUDGE: If turning NBA logos into Pokemon is something you’re into, hey. More power to you, buddy. (Via /r/nba, because of course. Where else you think that’s coming from?)

Happy Friday! See you next time.


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