Good morning, light breaks through Donald Sterling’s shadow

Good morning, light breaks through Donald Sterling’s shadow

Basketball always wins. Here’s Sunday’s newsletter.

Good morning. Let’s basketball.

THE GAMES: Holy hell, y’all. This postseason continues to impress. Here’s our daily 5-point What You Need To Know feature.

The one and only Vince Carter hit the first game-winning buzzer beater of the postseason, a beautiful and harried corner three to give Dallas its second straight win over the Spurs. Yep, San Antonio trails 2-1 in its opening series. This postseason!

One fan noticed the similarity between Carter’s winner and the infamous shot he missed with a trip to East finals on the line. And that fan made a sweet video linking them up and themed around redemption. God bless the internet.

The late game featured overtime … again. OKC and Memphis have played four games, and the last three have gone to free basketball. This time, Reggie Jackson helped the Thunder overcome rough nights for Westbrook and Durant. Jackson had the first 30-point game of his career as OKC won by three. Series all tied up.

In Atlanta, the Hawks nearly went up 3-1 … but Paul George had himself a game as Indiana survived. The series is now 2-2.

Only one series is a blowout: Miami went up 3-0 over Charlotte. The highlight of this one — other than a great crowd in Charlotte — was LeBron dunking in transition while apparently staring down Bobcats owner Michael Jordan. Is that really what was going on? Did LeBron do it because of comments MJ has made in the past about LeBron’s odds of catching him in Greatest Ever? Is it because MJ ‘no commented’ the topic du jour while LeBron spoke out forcefully? Hmm.

TODAY: Four more games for your visual pleasure.

Bulls at Wizards, 1 p.m. ET, ABC –> No Nene!
Clippers at Warriors, 3:30 p.m. ET, ABC
Raptors at Nets, 7 p.m. ET, TNT
Rockets at Blazers, 9:30 p.m. ET, TNT

R.I.P. MICHAEL HEISLEY: The man who gave Memphis pro basketball (and took it from Vancouver) passed away on Saturday due to complications from a stroke. He was 77.

STERLING: As linked in Saturday’s GMIB, TMZ released a recording in which Clips owner Donald Sterling apparently chides his girlfriend for hanging out with Black people and taking photos with Magic Johnson and attending games with minorities. This is obviously outrageous, though it’s worth noting that Sterling has done multiple outrageously racist things before. But for whatever reason, this one caught on like fire.

I wrote about Sterling’s history as a scumbag.

Clips Nation: “Donald Sterling Needs to Go Away.” Steve Perrin has more thoughts from the perspective of a Clips fan.

Marcus Thompson with an absolute banger on NBA owners as accessories to Sterling’s crimes.

Clippers players reportedly met right after the news broke.

J.A. Adande: This is no surprise.

Magic and DeAndre Jordan responded on social media.

Inside the NBA did a rip-roaring job on the issue.

Woj: Onus is on commish and owners, not the players or coaches.

Some NBA owners commented, some (including the notably shy Mark Cuban) did not.

The president commented.

Adam Silver briefly addressed the media on it, and said Sterling will be afforded due process.

The Clippers released a bizarre statement.

Noted L.A. resident Snoop Lion had a very NSFW comment on Sterling.

SHOCKING NEWS PART I: Dario Saric has reportedly changed his mind and will be in the 2014 NBA Draft after all. He’s probably a top-10 pick. Note, though, that international players can really pull out at the last minute still. Only college guys are disadvantaged by being unable to change their minds and remove themselves from consideration late in the game.

(UCLA’s Jordan Adams changed his mind, too. He’s a potential first-rounder.)

SHOCKING NEWS PART II: Reports suggest Mike D’Antoni will remain with the Lakers for another season. No word on whether Kobe has knocked over a building in response yet.

Basketball! Happy Sunday. See you next time.