Every coach who lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013 has been fired


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Losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars will not help your job security if you’re an NFL coach.

Apparently, losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars is an unforgivable offense. Thanks to Saturday’s firing of Tennessee’s Mike Munchak, every coach who lost to the Jaguars this season has been fired.

Some owners didn’t even wait until the end of the season. Texans coach Gary Kubiak was fired the day after his team lost to the Jaguars. Houston lost to Jacksonville in a Week 14 game played on Thursday night and Kubiak was gone by Friday. Obviously the tipping point for Texans owner Bob McNair was losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars twice in the same season. Although losing 10 straight games probably didn’t help Kubiak’s case either.

The Cleveland Browns also lost to the Jaguars and that ended up being bad news for Rob Chudzinski. Chudzinski was fired on Dec. 29 after only one year on the job. The Browns loss to Jacksonville in Week 13 started a string of three games where Cleveland led in the fourth quarter, only to lose the game.

Munchak was the final victim of the Jaguars curse. Jacksonville’s first win of the season came against Tennessee in Week 10 and fittingly, Munchak was the last of the ‘Jacksonville three’ to be fired.

Obviously, the lesson to be learned for 2014 is: Don’t lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Victims of the Curse

Gary Kubiak (below)

Gary Kubiak

Rob Chudzinski (below)

Rob Chudzinski

Mike Munchak (below)

Mike Munchak

Wade Phillips (Interim Head Coach below)

Wade Phillips