Arian Foster has a meltdown over his current situation in front of...

Arian Foster has a meltdown over his current situation in front of his house (Video)

Arian Foster of the Houston Texans has become the topic of the sports world because of a legal case he’s involved in.  He is said to be the father of Brittany Norwood’s baby.  She is currently around 17 weeks pregnant.  TMZ obtained video footage from Houston’s fox 26 when a reporter tried to get a comment from Arian Foster in regards to this matter. 

An extremely emotional Arian Foster EXPLODED on a reporter in Houston moments ago — telling the guy the legal war with his pregnant baby mama is “tearing me up.” The reporter, who works for FOX 26 in Houston had gone to Arian’s home to get a comment — standard operating procedure in the news world — and that’s when Arian went off.  The Houston Texans running back stood in his driveway and made it clear, he’s not ready to open up about the situation yet … yelling, “I’ll talk to y’all when I feel it’s right.”

TMZ Sports broke the story … Arian — who’s married with children — is being sued by a college student who says the NFL star pressured her to get an abortion and refuses to help out financially with the pregnancy.  Arian filed a legal response, claiming the woman is a fame whore who’s trying to exploit the pregnancy for a reality show.



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  • texansfan

    wow i think he’s going to need a really good lawyer

  • rangersson

    Should have wrapped up or better yet not cheated in the first place

  • bullson

    Too bad the baby will see all this when he/she gets older

  • samnbryan

    Maybe she should have thought about that BEFORE she laid on her back. She also should have stayed away from the colored people. Most of the colored males do not claim their children. They just want to play without facing any potential consequences. Not profiling…just stating facts. What made her think he was any different.
    On a non-related issue. That’s weird…he does a toyota commercial and yet there is a ford sitting in the driveway.

    • W Taylor

      He just wanted to hit one of your white girls. Now white boys can’t go there anymore because they are too small. Colored people? You must be a country redneck.

      • samnbryan

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        WHITE country redneck.

        • W Taylor

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          • samnbryan

            I have to stop the conversation now. Otherwise I will lower my self to your level and you will beat me with experience.

          • W Taylor

            No. If you lowered yourself to my level you would be a Rice a University graduate (that’s a college in case you don’t know), and you would be living large like I do. You would have a mansion, Harleys, a 40′ boat and a seven figure bank account. And you could screw any white girl that you wanted to whenever you wanted to. But I know you just can’t imagine that. Lol

  • A Texan

    hey;Just another guy using sports to have a very nice bank account. and access females that want to say they slept with so and so. His family will pay the real price. She is now, known to be easy, and he will just go his way, like the college thing. The Texans, hey, just might sell more tickets, who cares about this. Just think about pro sports,player and owner personal things and little regard for anything but making the bank deposit large as possible. So much for morals, law, as long as the seats are full.

  • MickD


  • Ignoranceisbliss

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