Jameis Winston WILL NOT be facing any charges. The state attorney has dismissed the case


Jameis Winston
As we previously reported in our other stories, Jameis Winston was not charged with rape. During a press conference held by the State Attorney’s office, he told the media that no charges would be filed against the heisman candidate and that the investigation found no conclusive evidence for a conviction.

There were lots of people slandering his name and trying to distract his pursuit of a national championship and the Heisman Trophy. Now Winston can focus on what he does best, play football. He should be the unanimous favorite for the heisman.

As for the accuser believed to be Erica Kinsman, I’m sure that she has to stay out of the public eye and find a way to move past this situation. She has been very adamant about being raped and stands by her words. For the sake of peace I hope she is able to move on.

It wasn’t until roughly 5 weeks after the incident that the woman first identified Winston as her attacker.

Another apparent blunder by police in the Jameis Winston case seems to show there WAS surveillance footage at the bar where Jameis and the accuser were allegedly boozing before the incident … but since cops delayed the investigation, the video was written over and lost for good.

Reported by TMZ

We spoke with the owner of Potbelly’s bar in Tallahassee, Fl … who tells us investigators only RECENTLY came to his establishment and asked for footage that could shown the interaction between Jameis and the accuser in the hours leading up to the alleged rape.

According to the search warrant, the alleged victim told police she had been boozing hard at Potbelly’s before the incident (5 or 6 shots that night) … and she left with a black guy who she later ID’d as Winston.

Problem is … the incident happened back in Dec. 2012 … but cops never bothered to go to the bar and ask for the footage until TMZ Sports began to poke around last month.

The owner of the bar tells us … he would have gladly complied with police, but his video system only holds footage for 30 days … so the video from the night in question is long gone.

Here’s pics of the assumed accuser Erica Kinsman below:

Jameis Winston Jameis Winston

The woman accusing Jameis Winston of sexual assault said the Florida State quarterback dressed her, placed her on a scooter and dropped her off after the alleged assault occurred, according to a probable cause statement made public Thursday.

The statement signed Jan. 16 describes in detail police officers’ version of the complainant’s initial account of a Dec. 7, 2012, sexual battery.

Later in January, the complainant identified Winston as the suspect. He is not named in the search warrant request seeking the woman’s text messages from that night.

The search warrant was signed by a Leon County judge.

In the probable-cause statement attached to a search-warrant request, Tallahassee Police Department Investigator Laura Gereg said the woman told police she and her friends were drinking at Potbelly’s bar earlier that night and had about five or six shots. The woman said after her friends left the bar, she began to feel the effects of the alcohol and her memory became “very broken.”

Police said the woman recalled getting into a taxi with a “non-descript” black male and entering a ground-floor apartment, at which point the man took off her clothes and raped her as she tried to fight him off.

The search-warrant request said at some point the woman told police a black man with dreadlocks came into the room and told the man to stop, but the suspect led her into a bathroom where he “completed the act.”

“Her next memory is the suspect dressing her then putting her on a black scooter,” the affidavit for the search warrant said. “She told him where she lived and he dropped her off at the intersection of Call and Stadium. The victim has no idea where the incident occurred.”

Here’s what we previously reported

Let’s just hope that we can move on from this and his life can return to normal with his family, girlfriend, and school.


Here’s Jameis with his girlfriend below:

Jameis Winston Jameis Winston


  1. Well. I don’t know what to say. The writer of this post has to be an avid FSU footall fan. I am not sure where you got your facts. The woman reported the rape much earlier than you stated. There was a rape kit completed. Winston denied even knowing the woman until his DNA showed up in her underwear from the rape kit. Then he said…oh yeah….we did have sex….it was consensual. I don’t know whether a legal rape occurred or not but it is obvious that Jameis was worried enough about it to lie about it. The police in Tallahassee really botched this up. Anyway. a girl might have been raped that night…I am shocked to see that the woman has been put on trial again here…and not the accused rapist. I would like to think that if I was an FSU fan that I would be able to put my rose colored football down for a few minutes and see how poorly this investigation was handled by the police department.and why Winston felt compelled to lie about it. Finally, this woman’s life has been destroyed enough without you participating in the publishing of her name and photos. I hope you are never put in such a position. 🙁 I guess even in America…when the woman misbehaves..its her fault..and when the guy misbehaves…then for sure it is HER fault.