Jameis Winston will not be facing any charges sources say



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Our inside sources have informed us that come next week, no charges will be filed. Here’s how it allegedly all went down: “The only thing he is guilty of is sleeping with a crazy ass cleat chaser who got mad, because he wouldn’t leave his girlfriend for her. They hooked up that night (as they had other nights) only this time, Jameis Winston’s girlfriend was coming into town. So he couldn’t stay. Things got heated, and she started basically beating the crap out of him. So naturally, he tried tried to restrain her. His roommate and her friend corroborated this already to the police”

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Also during their consensual sex, she was allegedly on top. She originally said she didn’t know who he was.. Weird, because there were a ton of pics of them together on her IG/Facebook accounts that have since been deleted. Her attorney is her Aunt’s girlfriend who is a Big Forida Gators booster, as is the writer that broke the story. He used to cover her when she played volleyball in Tampa. The State Attorney met with her today and it did not go well for her. Her story basically fell apart. They are just crossing their I’s and dotting T’s before they announce no charges will be filed, likely on Monday. They’re also debating whether or not to charge her with filing a false police report.

His restraining her is what caused the bruises she is said to have suffered. 
It took her a month to ID Winston as her rapist. She initially stated she didn’t know they guy, that is why the whole thing about her “not knowing him” and then saying it was him is weird, because as I said earlier there were plenty of pictures of the two of them together either before or after it took place. 
As far as where this came from… checked my sources. They have inside knowledge within the State Attorneys office. Sort of “deep throat” if you will.
Might be able to find this if you dig…it was a running joke between the accuser and her friends that were also DZ’s that they called their clique the #FSUcleatchasers. I’m not making up that hashtag. It was seriously their thing.  The Twitter handle has since been deleted.




Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston had everything going for him. He was a Heisman hopeful who was quickly becoming a national superstar. Now he’s getting famous for all the wrong reasons. Here’s a picture of his girlfriend who is standing by her man, and our source tells us she gushes over Jameis, and how great of a guy he is. She believes Jameis did nothing wrong, and will continue to be in a relationship with him. This whole thing has felt like a witch hunt from the get go.

To see official documents from the State Attorney CLICK HERE!!!

Here’s a pic of the accuser below?




FSU star Quarterback Jameis Winston’s football future and his freedom are at stake because of this alleged accuser, Erica Kinsman. Our sources have revealed that she is the one who has accused Winston of the sexual assault claim. This is her a week after the “alleged rape” going out to some sorority Xmas thing. Here is a picture of her above (on the left) on Gameday, posted by her sorority sister on the day FSU played Miami. This whole story reeks of lies and coverups.

To see official documents from the State Attorney CLICK HERE!!!

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  1. Appears to me you’re after notariety, no official would call ne1 a crazy ass cleat chaser. Your acct is a domestic violence and law requires an arrest, ie physical assault in a relationship. I see charges forthcoming as original I/O didn’t acknowledge a relationship.

    • That’s definitely her on the left, and her name is Erica Kinsman. The rest of it is heresay. Rumors on twitter from various fsu bloggers, radio hosts, and people with friends at the SAO say there’s gonna be no charge and that they’re waiting for next week for a holiday news drop.

      • Yes, most of this is hear say. Meggs already said he isn’t making a decision until Monday or Tuesday, he was suppose to make it Friday morning but since the roommate came forward to tell her side of the story. It doesn’t sound too good for the accuser because the roommate is testifying against her. As for as the pics with Jamies and the accuser before and after, that is true too.

    • so you think it more likely that winston raped this girl? why? he has more than enough admirers on campus. he is a stud with girls throwing themselves at him constantly. why would he have to rape someone?? it defies logic.

  2. Hopefully Winston learns to not soil his seeds before paying attention to the soil Just another gold digger looking for her money. Don’t date gold diggers.

  3. This confirms everything I have heard from people close to the situation. What’s f’ed up is that girls like this do more harm to actual rape victims. It makes it more difficult on them to come forward or persecute sexual predators because of false accusations like this. Her name is going to be dragged through the mud (rightfully so in my opinion) and other victims are going to see that and be more hesitant to come forward about other cases. What a shame on so many different levels

  4. The victim blaming here is shocking and despicable. How can you people live with yourselves? You’re bad people, prioritizing football over the possibility of a heinous crime. Sure, innocent until proven guilty, BUT SO IS THE ACCUSER. To the women here, I ask: what on earth? What if this were you in this situation? Do you even understand the shame associated with rape, how hard it is to come forward, well, because of behavior like you see in this comments? Because nobody believes you? To the men: if you have daughters, would you take the side of the accused rapist because of football? Mothers? Sisters? Wives? Jesus Christ, you people. Even if she was a girlfriend, she could be raped.

    • You say innocent until proven guilty however seem very sure that he raped her (maybe not explicitly in this post but others that you’ve made), why not give both the benefit of the doubt until the state decides what to do with the case? You’d be naive to think false accusations dont happen all the time because people regret their decisions when they sober up…

    • I felt the same way until I saw her Instagram and other social sites last week. I was so saddened that a woman would do this, and what it means for true victims in the future. What really changed my mind about the case was the picture of her hugging him after the Miami game… not something you would expect a victim of rape to be doing. I feel for all involved.

    • The police reopened the case at the request of the State Atty not ater a DNA test!! private messaging me with crap is BS! post it all on here like a man you wuss!!

    • This guy posted the same rant on the ESPN boards, word for word. So here is my same reply:

      “what is despicable is using the Florida Rape Shield Law as both a shield and a sword.

      The victim’s identity is protected. And with that protection her
      attorney goes on a very public crusade of the accused… who has not
      even been charged with a crime.

      Please go work on a better way to couch your moral outrage.”

    • There should be a special place in hell for women and their attorneys who cry rape when they’re dumped as a booty call and then proceed to crucify an innocent man in the court of public opinion. HER OWN FRAUDULENT ACTIONS HAVE DONE MORE TO DIMINISH THE SUFFERING AND PAIN SUFFERED BY “REAL” RAPE VICTIMS THAN ANY OTHER SINGULAR ACT THAT I’VE WITNESSED IN MY LIFE.

    • If it were me in this situation, I wouldn’t wait almost a year to report it, then take a month to identify my rapist. I also wouldn’t be pictured with him after the alleged incident.

    • It wasn’t rape!! Get your facts straight before you spout off! It was “ALLEGED SEXUAL ASSAULT” she also wasn’t a girlfriend she was a sorority girl who didn’t even report it until JW kicked her to the curb! Also she was one of the group called FSUcleatchasers! Sounds like a real upstanding young lady to me! Also when the TPD tore her story down she started backing up saying she didn’t know who the guy was! PSSSSST! Seriously!

  5. I don’t know if what you say is true or not, it could be. The fact that you outed a potential rape victim is despicable. You really make FSU fans look like POS trash. You deserve all the worst things in life.

  6. If you just outed a potential rape victim you should be stabbed in the head. What the hell is wrong with you? Rape is the most unreported crime in the US because of this kind of crap. Dont be so true to your school that you are willing to destroy someone’s life. By the way, you dont have any sources. Dick.

    • Well the “rapist” has not been proven a rapist yet, but he is definitely outed. As it stands right now, we have a possible rape victim and a possible rapist. We know who both of them are.

  7. what does it say for his character if what you say it was true He was sleeping with another woman and his FIRLFRIEND is on her way to see him.??? Sounds like a smuck to me.

  8. You have the right story, absolutely exact, except the picture above is the supposed victim on her way to the MIami game to cheer on the man she accused of rape and who she will be photographed hugging and kissing after the game. There’s different picture of her heading out to party for Christmas less than a week after the rape.

  9. And there have been several pics posted on the Internet of the poor victim and Winston kissing and dancing for at least a week. You date rape idiots should do the tiniest amount of research before you go public with your outrage. She’s a lying whore, lets just accept that.

    • Yeah, I understand the whole shield law but at some point there has to be some harsh repercussions to making a false accusation. If this is indeed a smear job, it worked, because this young man’s reputation will never be made whole again.

  10. Same old conspiracy yarn you can find on any FSU message board right now. Attack the alleged victim, same thing every time a case like this emerges. And Nicholas Norman, since you decided to spread her purported picture, which is actually illegal in a case like this, I am gonna spread your name and who you write for to every corner of the internet and the world.

  11. And the effing conspiracy doesnt even make sense. If she was out to get him by accusing him of rape why wait a month to identify him? Why not do it the same time she reported the crime and take a ride with the police to go pick him up? Also, your ‘source’ is already being inconsistent since the SA has already said nothing will be decided by Tuesday.

    • I live in Tallahassee and know lots of people with lots of non-public knowledge. This is almost the exact story I heard several months ago, and the way I heard it, she called the police after they fought. Then when detectives showed up and did a rape kit she realized it was pretty serious and thought better of it, so she said she didn’t know the guy. They definitely knew each other and I heard she even hung out with him afterward until he kicked her to the curb entirely about a month later, at which time she got mad at him again and called the police back saying she now knows who it was; Jameis Winston. There were also other people present on the night in question, and all who have spoken to law enforcement have said it was consensual, and that they witnessed the altercation later.

        • No one knew? Really? The guy speaks the truth and this had been going around the rumor mill before TMZ. The university and the local police knew. These people live in this community. People knew.

          • Every report that’s out there has stated that university police were notified and then because it was off campus it was turned over to TPD, not to mention I’m related to a university cop. What is it that you need to have fact checked? Robocop doesn’t exist, so these were real people that were involved from the beginning that can obviously hear and see. Just because you knew nothing about it, doesn’t mean others didn’t. Nobody thought it would go anywhere because it happened pretty much the way this site states.

  12. I said CLASSY attractive white girls do not sleep with black men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!are you really that dumb? are you disputing that? I never said anything about NAYONE not being good enough for anyone. I MERELY stated a FACT. the reason is irrelevant!!!!!!!!!!!! and I can find a MILLION links backing up MSU’s credibility over FU. everyone in the country knows MSU is far superior academically!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Before you stated “incoming GPA totally is a measure of the quality of a university” so now your going completely against your previous statement?
      Ethnocentric just means you are comparing it to your own race. Racism is believing white’s are better than blacks. You are saying that a “Classy” white woman would sleep with a white male but not a black male. This means you believe that since he is black he cannot achieve the same as a white person of the same qualities. Hence, you are saying that whites are superior – racism.
      I have lost a lot respect for Michigan State. Hopefully you are a poor example of Michigan States credibility. Also it is FSU, the acronym FU would be given to UF, not FSU.


      • you are so FUCKING dumb man. I merely stated an observance and FACT about the preferences and ACTIONS about classy, beautiful white women from successful families. how in ANY way does that make one a racist? it has NOTHING to do with me! God, you are truly just dumb.

        • You just said in an earlier post to Theo “I’ll hang you on a tree and burn you bro”! I wouldn’t call you a racist AT ALL! Especially when you are spouting the “N” word every other post! And I’m from the SOUTH! And they say only southerners are racists bigots! You just proved all Northern states totally wrong! Thanks for that! I’m just completely shocked that anyone would say those things anywhere! But hiding behind a computer you’re sooooo brave! What ignorance! You REALLY need God in your life with so much hate!

      • HAHA. I never even said that a classy beautiful white woman would sleep with a WHITE MALE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA God…people like you are the reason we have a socialist dictator in office.

      • whoa…i was inclined to agree with you until you said “Racism is believing white’s are better than blacks”. im sorry but thats not true and that statement is a little racist b/c it implies ONLY whites can be racist.
        a few definitions from multiple sites like webster and dictionary.com:
        ‘the belief that some races of people are better than others’

        ‘Racism is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that consider the human species to be divided into races with shared traits, abilities, or qualities, such as personality, intellect, morality, or other cultural behavioral characteristics, and especially the belief that races can be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to others, or that members of different races should be treated differently.’

        belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or
        abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as
        inferior or superior to another race or races.’

        “The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.”

        “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.”

        “the belief that all members of each race
        possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially
        so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or
        Nothing about white, nothing about black..saying only whites can be racist is racist…i hope OUR school didnt teach you that definition b/c its a lie and ignorant

      • i love how my other comment about this never made it.. any ways “racism is believing whites are better than blacks” is not only incorrect, it is a racist statement itself. if you really think thats what racism is please stop claiming FSU. or is that the official obama govt definition? google is just a click away my friend

        • Hi,
          Sorry about that. I was stating his statement that white’s being better than blacks to be a racism comment. I realize that I inappropriately phrased it, and I am sorry about that. I know the definition of Racism. Negative racism is the act of feeling your race is superior to another. Which is what I was saying he was doing the entire time. In the sentence you quoted I was merely stating that the definiton applies if a person were to think being black was inferior.

          Again I am sorry for the confusion.


          • i thank you for clearing that up..it just boils my blood b/c i know some people really do think that ONLY whites can be racist…but yeah, gavin is def a pos. its one thing to be racist but another to throw it in peoples faces like he does.

  13. Tell my why the fuck she won’t serve jail time for wasting money/time/resources and slandering an innocent young man? If girls actually got in trouble for pulling this bullshit maybe we would have to deal with it less.

      • Uh…what rock do you live under. Every day there is a girl that wakes up after having drunk sex, who regrets it and decides to try and ruin someone else’s life to hide their own shame. Go to college and you’ll see.

        • I did go to college, and what was far more common was for a girl to be raped, then if she reported it it was ignored by the administration and she was called a slut.

          • Yeah, so the sensible solution is to kick guys out of school instantly without a fair trial or reasonable evidence just because someone says that something happened. I’ve seen this happen first hand and it’s just as destructive as if someone actually was raped.

          • What the fuck are you saying…I’m saying nowadays the man involved is usually instantly kicked off of campus and harassed by the police before evidence, if any, is found. I think that a real investigation needs to be done before anybody gets blamed. And if the guy is found innocent, the girl needs to be charged with slander and it should be taken very seriously.

          • The man doesn’t usually get kicked off campus. Usually, nothing happens at all. Because we wouldn’t want the indignity of rapists being called rapists in the public square.

          • Well you’ve never been around situations like this, the man usually gets put on academic probation and isn’t allowed on campus until the university gets more information. Thus, you are guilty until proven innocent.

            You are correct however if you’re referring to when a man accuses a woman of rape, then usually nothing happens at all.

          • Uh..what the fuck are you saying. It’s policy to suspend the man from going on campus until they can figure out a bogus charge to give him. I know firsthand because this just happened to someone close to me, just because a drunk slut got mad.

    • It’s because Leroy was guilty….he did assault her, she was beat up. They just didn’t have enough evidence to press charges because the girl had been drinking. You are just mad because George Zimmerman didn’t go to prison. Ron Jeremy….WTF?

      • What the fuck are you saying? If she was actually assaulted, he would be in jail. They probably had consensual sex, and she wanted some extra cash and attention so she thought crying rape against a famous athlete was the solution.
        And why would I be mad that an innocent man didn’t go to prison?

        • OJ simpson killed two people and didn’t go to jail for it….doesn’t mean he was innocent. You have no clue how high the burden of proof is in a case like this. Too bad your brain isn’t as big as your d&*k….Mr. Jeremy.

    • No one said he was INNOCENT. They only said there wasn’t enough evidence to press charges for rape and assault. He probably did rape her but she had been drinking with him prior.

  14. Hey, I didn’t know we were supposed to sign our “credentials” after each post on this dumpster liberal site. Sorry; my bad.

    And “ethnocentrism” is the belief that one’s own race is superior to others!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    your lack of intelligence is really coming through!

    Greg Kempisty
    Master of Business Administration

    Eli Broad College of Business
    Michigan State University

    • I want to find where you work and send them a screen shot… Real professional this one is… I don’t know how they take racism in the work place in Michigan but in Florida, it gets you fired you piece of shit.

      • You won’t find where he works and I think he doesn’t even believe the crap he’s talking. I have to believe he is just trolling because nobody is that ignorant.

    • Lol, MY BAD! you know you’re using terminology that started with the so called people you call apes? You should know better than that Mr. Kemp, you speak proper English, remember? Don’t lower your standards speaking that gibberish!. lol

  15. Poor Jameis, falsely accusing someone of rape is almost as bad as rape itself. I think if women who accuse someone of rape, and it can be proved that it was 100% consensual, should be convicted of rape themselves. Not to take away from actual rape victims, I’m sure they would like to have a few words with this girl who damn near screwed up the life of one of the best football players ever… Too bad FSU is gonna get that ass spanked in January, Should have come to Tuscaloosa Jameis, ROLL TIDE ROLL

  16. Apparently, your “deep throat” is just as full of crap as all the other tweeters and social media idiots throwing random thoughts and inferences out there. Since Meggs announced “DURING THE IDAHO GAME” that no decision will come before Thanksgiving.

    • How are you relating that no decision will be made right now and the fact there is not someone with loose lips in the SAO? Besides the fact that Meggs himself has talked more than he should, my guess is they just want to make sure they get it right and it does take a while to interview anyone that had any possible knowledge of the event during and after. This is a serious accusation and they aren’t going to make it look like they rushed to judgement either way.

      • Dude shut up jameis is innocent all the fake blogs u see on espn and every where else this is legit .. next week nothing will happen… but after that you’ll. That this dude did nothing wrong

    • he is waiting for a full recant from the ‘victim’. that is what he is referring to when he says we don’t yet have everything we need. she is going to recant her story or face charges herself.

      • I doubt he will get a full recant from her because if she does she might get charged with false allegations. I think maybe they are waiting on the facebook accounts that got deleted or something like that.

  17. So Winston is a cheating scumbag and this gf still stands with him hahaha….too funny for words. He may not be guilty of a crime per say but why do ppl say he is such a great guy?


    • I see all these people saying horrible things about Jameis and they dont even know the full story. Who knows how they dgcided to handle their long distance relationship. Anyone who just cuts someone down like that is of low character. I’ve researched this young man and he’s so very respected in his home town, his teachers, fellow studets. They all say he’s a caring and generous person.

      • They all say he is caring and generous. I don’t know about you, but does a caring and generous person cheat on their significant other? You are right, maybe they have an open relationship and maybe the gf does the same…I will give you that…we don’t what is going on.

      • he’s a great football player, and in some circles that’ what matters. Your name indicates you may be in this group, but believe it or not, some of us think investigating a rape charge is more important than football.

    • You act as if he has been married

      years with

      children, people say he’s a great guy probably because he just may be one. Him getting a piece of easy ass that was obviously thrown at him now makes him a a scumbag…but I’m sure you have been the model significant other to everyone you’ve dated huh Don? lol asshat

      • Married or not, people have a certain standard to keep in their lives if one is to be called a “great guy”. Do you think your father or brother or any male figure in your life is a great guy and did they too get a “piece of easy ass” or better yet did they state “yeah I have a long distance gf who I care for, I probably shouldn’t even though I am horny and this is easy”…it is a choice and for me “great guys” don’t make these kinds of choices. I am curious if your male family members brother, father, etc. were also the examples you take from grabbed a piece of easy ass as you say… If so then no need to argue this point anymore, you are right (in your world). No never cheated in my life, but I don’t dare call myself a great guy…

          • Being a “great guy” and being morally perfect are not the same thing. When I hear someone say “he’s a great guy” I take it to mean that the person is friendly and charming and fun to be around, not that they have a moral record that rivals Jesus.

          • Excuses to make his behavior acceptable….

            Guess it is ok to do that if you are a great guy and

            years old. Curious why we don’t teach this openly to our kids?

          • Where did I say his behavior was or was not acceptable. If he raped her, it clearly is unacceptable. If they just had sex, then it’s acceptable. At

            in college, people have sex. Not backward prudish puritanical freaks, but normal people.

          • It is absolutely acceptable to have sex…agreed, but when one is in a committed relationship then the example that is obviously set in is the person is not “great guy”. This person is a scumbag. How amazing it is that you all believe that cheating on someone is acceptable b/c he is

            or whatever young age. Of course you and the rest of your band of immoral folks would have the world believe there is nothing wrong cuz hey “it is just college, he is just 19, it isn’t for real”. Nice philosophy…NOT!

          • And you know for a fact that he was in a “committed relationship”? They didn’t have an agreement allowing dating since they were so far apart? Where did you get this inside information?

            It’s cheating if you are married, or have explicitly agreed to an exclusive relationship. Otherwise, dating is just dating. Unless you’re a 16th century puritanical freak.

          • Does it always have to be a religious thing? (puritanical) seriously this is just about what is right or wrong. This guy is claimed to be a nice guy….how is a person nice that is duplicitous? He lacks integrity, plain and simple. Whether he is guilty of forcing himself on an equally immoral young woman….well that remains to be seen. If not I hope they throw the book at her!

          • Assuming they had consensual sex, and Jameis didn’t lie to his girlfriend about it, how was he being duplicitous? I know a lot of people who had pre-college girlfriends and went off to school with a mutual agreement that they could see other people. How do you know this was not the case?

          • No charges. She wasn’t drunk or drugged, so had no memory lapses. Her pack of lies fell apart. An I told you so is appropriate here. His girlfriend says he did nothing wrong. Who are you to claim otherwise?

    • Why does everyone assume he was cheating?? He was 19. I know many young couples in distant cities that have open relationships while away at college. Come on, it’s almost 2014, try living in the real world. Stop making assumptions about people you DON’T KNOW!!

        • Yo Don, don’t even start with these folks, they aint about doin what is right, it is all about their boy Jameis…he could have done her wrong in so many other ways though they don’t wanna admit it.

  18. Another day in the lives of GD! You know the girlfriend going to stand by what she thinks is going to be her meal ticket or her ride to

    minutes of fame. Except if he does make it into the pros, as soon as he arrives there he’ll kick her butt straight to the curb! Not to mention he’ll continue to cheat because he knows she’s OK with him cheating on her.

  19. One of the things I see repeated quite regularly is that Jameis Winston was a relatively unknown player at FSU in December 2012. That is patently false. Winston was drafted by the MLB Texas Rangers in June 2012.

    This would have seriously upped his celebrity status among young and impressionable college students.

  20. So she might have said she couldnt have ID’ed Winston for a month or whatever, but Winston and his lawyer said he had never seen the girl or anything so why did lie about that and then change his story?

    • Actually, Winston always said “…”…nothing. He didn’t say anything, as per the advice of his lawyer. And apparently, and I’m sure this will all come out after this is over, he said that he’d had sex with her in all of his sworn statements. So you’re just repeating a lie.

    • You are spreading lies. Winston was never interviewed, he never said he didn’t have sex with her, and he never said he didn’t know her. In fact, his only statements were in the form of written statements provided to the TPD in Jan or Feb 2013.

      You might be surprised to learn that information can be your friend.

      Incidentally, it is now being reported that the DNA results were leaked by the accusers attorney. This would be a serious breach of conduct if true.

      • His lawyer implied he didntnknow her by commenting that a reasonable person would know the difference between 5’11 and 6’4′ and that he would be fat at

        if he was only 5’11”. Oops forgot that DNA don’t lie. Who cares if DNA was released if he was admitting consensual sex. I again have no opinion on his guilt or innocence. I would really like him to play in the NC. FSU has a good chance regardless. But if he is guilt, unlikely it can ever be proven, he shouldn’t play. I have yet to here an FSU fan acknowledge he could be as big a thug as many of them.

        • He certainly could be a thug, but so far, nothing indicates that to be the case.

          Before I throw stones at him, I’ll wait for more information, but right now, it is looking more like the accuser is not being truthful.

  21. It is what it is. Who here can judge anyone? You were there? If a woman was lying or a man. Its not a racial thing. Its a man/woman thing. It happens all of the time. Sad but true. As far as everyone trashing his girlfriend. … every couple has there own rules. If she loves him and wants to stick by him, Kudos for her. They are both young. Who are any of us to judge what goes on between

    consenting adults. Only God and these

    people know the truth about everything. Stop playing the race card from both sides. IMO, it looks like a unhappy woman who was rejected. I have seen this many times. I have also seen the revenge many a woman have inflicted on innocent men. Hospitals and even prison. This is my personal opinion only.

    • Allow me, just because DNA is found in someone’s panties does not mean they were raped. They are not saying what the source of DNA is, and because this is a rape accusation people all automatically assume sperm= DNA . DNA is found in all of our cells and we leave behind lots of DNA in the form of skin cells being rubbed off from normal everyday movements. If they had a sexual encounter, then it’s plausible that some of his cells could have rubbed off on her panties because of how physical coitus is. The other scenario is that the panties were used to wipe up his “DNA” and that is what she submitted and said it was a rape. What we have here is results being over-stated to try and get a false-conviction. It would be like if you were invited into someone’s home and after they said you broke in because they found your DNA on their door matt. Only saying, not trying to be a smart-ass, because there are just holes in this story, like why did she say the rapist was 5’9”-5’11” but Winston is 6’4”? Just seems fishy…

    • Unfortunately the DNA can not tell us if it was consensual or rape. If only the DNA could talk.. I think after Meggs gets the subpoena he needs to look over the Facebook and twitter accounts that have now been deleted he will find what he is looking for. The truth.
      A lot of people think if you delete something it’s gone.. fortunately or unfortunately depending on your prospective Face book and twitter, and Google have servers that keep information you post for a very long time even after you’ve delete it.

      • That story is not true. Me thinks you want to believe too much, to the point of ludicrousness. The closest thing to the truth will be found out. If that fabricated nonsense is true, we wouldn’t be talking. Case would have been closed and never reopened.

        • What just keeps coming up in my mind. If I were a former assistant state attorney and my niece was a victim of a rape I would be contacting the TPD on a weekly basis from Dec 7th on. I would also have been calling Meggs office and asking him the same thing. I would want to know what and where this case was. I personally would have been in contact with, both the TPD and SAO. They would have had me beating on their doors in February, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept , Oct, Nov. I would know how the system works and would not have sat on my hands for over

          months…. I’m troubled by that and I’m not even an attorney. If you’re representing a young woman who claimed to be the victim of an rape, and the investigation appeared to be stagnate/stalling would you simply do nothing for

          months? Of course not you would make numerous, well-documented attempts to seek justice for your client / niece. It seems to me that the accuser’s attorney was not active for her client for over

          months, and then suddenly was. Am I missing something here? For me that’s the Million Dollar question. Why now?

    • Don’t be an idiot, they will win with or without him. No Gator made him sleep with her, or made her go to the hospital very soon after to get a rape kit, most of us could care less. He’s a great player, and if innocent I look far at least one more great year at FSU, then a good pro career. False accusations won’t hurt him next year, maybe Heisman this year, but Heisman is overrated anyway. If true, he probably will still get a shot at NFL eventually.

  22. This girl is a skank and deserves to go to jail. Dumb girls like her make it a lot more difficult for REAL victims of REAL crimes and if no jail time she deff needs an ass whipping

  23. The girl in the photo looks A LOT like the girl in the night club with Jameis. (In fact, she looks identical to the night club girl.) Thing is, Winston’s lawyer has confirmed that the girl in the club photo isn’t of the accuser.

    Is this article yet another case of writers trying to create the news?

    Seriously people, don’t ever believe the first thing you read.

    • it would be the responsible thing for Winston’s att’y to say that even if it was her. He wouldn’t want to be responsible for “outing” a rape victim. He would be disbarred,

  24. Even as an FSU fan I know this story is bs. The girlfriend has cut all ties with him.

    And guess what .. your sources were yet again wrong as a decision wont be coming this week.

    Keep up the good work.

  25. Thank God this is not the 1800’s. We wouldn’t have been asking a year later if he raped her or not; the topic of the day would be “The great migration of African American in the history of the U.S. It would have been the Trail of Tears all over again. But this time around, there wouldn’t be no survivor to retell the story.

  26. If she wanted to falsely accuse Jameis Winston — because she was mad, or scorned, or a dumb b@#$*, or hateful, or whatever — why wouldn’t she identify him clearly on the initial report. A false accuser NEVER needs a month to name her attacker.

      • Your rationalizations are ridiculous.

        She initially made up an unknown assailant while planning to wait two months to identify Winston in preparation to reopen it in the middle of his Heisman run and FSU’s national championship season.

        There is no real evidence available to us to have a clue what events actually transpired. Sometimes the actual parties can disagree on what their intentions were. Any conjecture is just that. I think TPD screwed up, but even that isn’t clear.

        As a Gator, but a huge college football fan, I hope he plays in the NC, won’t matter against the Gators. I want to see the two best teams at their best. He is an outstanding Quarterback. But, if he did rape her, I would like to see her get justice.

  27. That picture looks

    years old. This story is absurd. Do you think this bunch of jokers found this out, but the cops and state attorney don’t. Pathetic waste of space. I don’t assume he is innocent, nor that she is lying. He will likely be charged soon, but a conviction is unlikely, as I am not aware of any evidence by her that it was a rape. The cop absolutely should not have told her to not press charges, that is not his job. She and her attorney make that call.

    • how does a digital picture look

      years old??
      the cops knew all about this, that is why they never reported it to the SAO. they knew it was a false claim.
      the ‘victim’ will soon fully recant her ‘story’ or she will be charged with false reporting

      • Based on hairstyles and clothes. Regardless, that is not her.

        She has already filed a police report that she was raped. And already identified Winston. She could be in trouble whether she recanted or not.

        I guarantee Winston would not pursue charges if the charges are dropped, whether she recanted or not. He wouldn’t want this to go to trial, that would be stupid.

        • facts will come out in due time…no one knows what really happened until then. u have to have evidence to prove rape..right now its he said she said. obvious if there was good evidence that it was rape he would have already been convicted. but her roommate already testified against her…why it didnt get processed last friday and now its getting pushed back again. only evidence they really have is his dna which he never denied having sex with her but he says consensual…so he said she said

          • I says her roommate testified against her? News to me. He will be charged, but not convicted. I agree he said/she said. He can explain injuries unless they are substantial. I worded something incorrect before. I meant to say I do not assume he is guilty or innocent. Nor do I assume she is lying or telling the truth. In some cases they can even both think they are right. The real truth is unlikely, but there appears to be enough to charge, but conviction unlikely.

            He may not have denied having sex with her, because he apparently has said nothing. His attorney implied she had the wrong guy when he weighed in on he height issue. He made a big stink about the DNA being released for never denying they had sex. But, that is a lawyer being a lawyer.

            If he did rape her I hope he is convicted. If he didnt, I hope he goes on, is successful and makes better decisions. Blacks seem to look at infidelity different than I, but that could be more my age. My wife would have mt testicles pickled on the mantle

          • Carlos you are a moron….this was clearly a case of false reporting…why do you think the “victim” became uncooperative all of the sudden? Why are there text and pics of the

            together before and after the alleged “rape” If they had evidence of an actual “rape” Winston would have been arrested in December of last year. I hope they throw the book at this tramp. Let this be a lesson to all you ladies out there that throw the word “rape” around like a cheap rag doll. It only hurts legitimate rape victims.

          • Moron, is a little harsh don’t you think. I am simply giving my opinion. The things you point out as facts are likely lies. No one has confirmed that is the right person. In fact Jameis’ lawyer said it wasn’t. Who knows. Even if she knew him and slept with him before, it could be rape. But, nothing indicates she did. If she knew him, logic would indicate she would have identified him immediately, not wait a month. I am sure some FSU fanboys can come up with twisted logic, but I guarantee the real story will be nothing like we think.

            They didnt know it was him until January, how could they charge him in December? Sounds like someone is a little free with the term moron towards others, when evidence indicates they have the thought processes of a slug.

            If she lied, they will have to press charges and take her to court to prove anything.That is the last thing Winston would want. Rape or not, it reflects poorly on his judgment.

            It is curious why FSU fans are so quick to defend him, when the facts are unknown. I lean towards consensual, but I don’t really know.

            TPD or the SA screwed this up. Cops don’t decide not to press charges, the SA does. Somebody dropped the ball no matter what happened.

            As far as comments that they would have already pressed charges if he was guilty, well that is true if he was innocent. You guys are so desperate for a national championship you’d sell your souls. You need to realize no one cares about FSU or the Gators but us. Oh, they may enjoy the negative press, but most people don’t know which school is which and don’t care.

  28. Posting the information of a rape victim is a crime. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but what if your sister was raped by a famous person? Would you want her treated this way? Sickening!

    • If it were a crime to post this information, do you REALLY think it would still be on the internet?

      It would only be a crime if a judge put out a gag order from the bench, and then it would be contempt of court.

  29. He’s a real classy guy:

    He already has a committed girlfriend, but he has casual sexual encounters with an obvious, self-proclaimed #FSUcleatchaser. Clearly, he was letting notoriety get to his head and figured this sort of behavior is acceptable, regardless of the circumstances.

    His girlfriend is standing by her man because “he did nothing wrong”? Uh, yes, he did do something wrong. He was cheating on you. And not with just this girl, but probably many others. Just admit the REAL reason you’re “standing by your cheater man”: you hope he makes it big in the NFL and instead of being his girlfriend, you’ll be his baby momma and rake in the millions with him.

  30. Total BS. What if the accuser were your daughter? Football aside, this is serious. You should really check your facts before posting this kind of crap.

  31. It’s for the court to decide whether it was rape or not. If the evidence leads a reasonable person to believe there may have been a crime committed, he should be charged.

    • U are an idiot. U are the reason this country is failing. If there is no evidence for a charge there is no reason for a three week multi million dollar tax waste court case you moron. Darwin’s theory will get you one day.

  32. DOn’t worry they are waiting on the twitter and instagram posts that she deleted saying she was going to set him up. This girl is about to be SOL soon.

    • Yep….and when that happens….she should be charged to the full extent of the law…and then all the haters can crawl back in the hole they came from..and ESPN can make a public apology to Jameis Winston for their incompetence.

  33. That’s your fabrication of what happened! We’ll answer me this why didn’t FSU investigate it. They were required to investigate it. Why did Tallahassee Police sweep it under the rug? Why did it take a newspaper requesting public information to break the case?
    You people are hiding behind Seminole colored glasses. The girl was raped and Jamison’s Winston is a Rapist.

  34. Yep…..and after the State’s Attorney makes the official announcement that there is no evidence to support charges against Jameis….ESPN should make a public apology to Jameis Winston as those fricking losers have been on a mission to tarnish his reputation based on Nothing! I hate ESPN.

  35. it’s amazing when people say Winston deserves the benefit, some are calling him a rapist, when some are saying the girl is a player, then we need to “wait for the process to play out” well you can tell me what you want because the net is full of idiots but lets see what processes play out before we call Winston a rapist or the young woman a victim OR a player

    • ..well to be fair, this seemed to be waiting from Dec. of Last year… and to be fair the rush seemed to be to get some direction Before the heisman vote was done…or before the NC game was to be played… etc… so yeah there was a rush for lots of reasonable reasons… MAYBE if Winston would have said the s-e-x was consensual BEFORE the dna came back a match it would have given him some credibility… just saying…

  36. Seems to me all you GAYtor fans were quick to throw Winston in jail for a crime that was never commited….maybe you guys need to look in the mirror and look at all of the thugs/criminal that have passed through your halls like serial killer Arron Hernandez, thug Percy Harvin and countless others under the Urban Meyer years.

      • Well….there seems to be an epidemic of black men raping white women in this country. Google “rape by race” and see the FBI stats on the subject. 30,000 white women report being sexually assaulted by black men each year. Less than

        black women report being sexually assaulted by white men in the same period. That concerns me. When I see news stories about something called “the knock-out game”…..that concerns me. It makes me wonder what the future hold for my children.

        So, I answered your question. Now let me ask one. Why do liberals think that ignoring facts makes them smarter than those who embrace reality???

        • you think that your “facts” have some bearing on whether or not the sex that occurred between this girl and Jameis Winston and this same girl and her boyfriend was in fact rape? obviously not. none of us will know exactly what happened. it is unfortunate that she feels that she was raped. i do feel bad for her. it is also unfortunate that Jameis Winston’s reputation is tarnished if the sex was in fact consensual as he claims. the bottom line is that this is not an issue of race. it is an issue of a truth that we will never know. but, I do wonder why conservatives feel that their biased view is the only possible truth that could occurred despite the fact that they were not present and the state’s attorney along with police couldn’t corroborate her story. again, i can’t say that she is lying but neither can you say that because he is black he must have raped her(and her boyfriend for that matter)

          • You wrongly assumed that I think she was raped. I don’t think she was raped and I don’t feel sorry for her. Winston probably sent her packing seconds after depositing his DNA and sent her packing and that made her mad. But nice changing the subject…a common tactic. You know I’m right about the crime stats. and will not address them. Class dismissed.

          • again, the fact that i didn’t waste time explaining to you how you have misunderstood and quite frankly butchered the statistics on rape and race provided by fbi does not prove that you are right. you are in fact wrong. but, again, you were the one that attempted to denigrate the accuser because of your belief that she had the “seman [misspelled by the way ] of two black men in her”. as if, the semen, of two white men would have been so much better. and then, you attempted to justify your clearly racist bs with some rant about fbi crime statistics on rape which you clearly also don’t understand. i’m done talking with you. clearly, your ignorance is not worth my time.

          • What don’t I understand about the stats….the mean, mode, median, or standard deviation? Please tell me why I am so ignorant and you are so very smart.

          • “seman [misspelled by the way ]” And you began every sentence with a lower case letter Einstein. Pointing out a type-o obviously makes you think you are in MENSA.

          • Actually you’re wrong. She claimed to be drunk and/or drugged, and not only were there no drugs in her system, but also not enough alcohol to cause the “blackouts” she supposedly had.

          • She said she did

            shots, that would make anyone drunk. No one said she blacked out. She let a black dude do her and he sent her packin’ after he finished and she got mad and cried rape. I don’t really care if she was legally drunk.

          • actually from the police report she said she shared


            drinks with an of age friend , i didnt read


            shots of anything, but then did say some unknown male , presumed to be winston, bought her one shot. you should read the report for yourself before commenting, honest!

          • A shot, a mixed drink, a beer. They all have about the same amount of alcohol. She was obviously drunk after that many drinks so I don’t see your point?

        • people who dont agree with you are liberals? liberals are child molestors and rapists only? google next time catholic priests and church cover ups of child molestations by the so called conservatives sometime and google mark folley? sorry for spelling. oh and there is that church founder from colorado

    • You’re a fuckin idiot, your obviously one of those idiots who’s mad because “your women” are sleeping with black guys. Get your facts straight you pigs rape more of your own kind then anyone.

    • Have any of u guys thought about the fact that

      is probably some sort of socially retarded individual who lives in his mothers basement and gets his kicks ojt of believing bs facts off of the internet and being a racist a…hole. The guy probably doesnt have a daughter to begin with, failing algebra class in college bc he spend most of his time hating a group of people and blaming them for his own insecurities and failures. Oh, and as far as your numbers, they not statistically true, i looked them up. You should probably find another forum for your hate. For every one knock out game, i could give examples after examples of hate crimes being used against blacks, latinos, asians, and homosexuals, so get off your high horse about that. How no one is reporting that racial and prejudice hate groups have more than trippled in america since our president was elected in 2008. (200 to over 1000) Should i as a black man be scared of white people then. No that logic is stupid, that is a small group of ignorant people no more reflect any other white person. Winston is his own perso outright whether he raped her or not, he has no reflection upon me or how hard i work or how good or bad of a person i am or any other black guy or girl. Racism, ignorance, and stereotypes are just an easy way for people to excuse their own issues of fear, responsibilty, and laziness. PERIOD!

      • “they not statistically true, i looked them up” REALLY? 72% of black children are not born out of wedlock? 48% of black women don’t have herpes?
        Google “CDC reports 48% of black women have herpes” do the same for 72% of black children are born out of wedlock.
        If my information is incorrect, what is your source?

  37. @therationaldecent You’re an idiot. Your statement is bias if anything, why do you think he raped her? Because he is a big strong athlete and has a future. People seem to find the worst in athletes like this out of pure jealousy He has a gorgeous girlfriend and could prolly get any girl he wants, why in the hell would he put his career on the line to rape a girl? Don’t be so damn ignorant next time.

    • Your logic is idiotic. Why would Aaron Hernandez kill

      people when he is a millionaire in the NFL? Why would Darren Sharper drug dozens of women and rape them acorss several states?You somehow equate a promising future to someone being flawless. That’s couldn’t be further from reality.

      Do you remember Maurice Clarett? How about Earl “The Goat” Monroe? What about these

      knuckleheads from the University of Miami who just ADMITTED that they drugged and raped an underage girl? Jawand Blue and Alexander Figueroa. Open your eyes. People who are rich or privileged think that rules and laws do not apply to them, and in many cases, they get away with a lot of shit! http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2014/07/2-miami-football-players-arrested-on-rape-charges-mugshots/