Clippers’ players don’t want Lamar Odom back on the Team

Clippers’ players don’t want Lamar Odom back on the Team

Lamar Odom


According to TMZ…Clippers players don’t want Lamar Odom back on the team.

Lamar Odom may love the Clippers … but the Clippers don’t love Lamar Odom — ’cause our team sources tell TMZ Sports the locker room does NOT support an L.O. comeback.

Our sources — and they’re solid — tell us … the players don’t believe Lamar can help the team win this season. In fact, several players believe he’ll be nothing more than a distraction.

We’re told several players are also not convinced he’ll be able to return to pre-crack form — despite the fact he looked pretty fluid in a basketball workout this week in Rhode Island.

Lamar previously told TMZ Sports he’s flirting with several teams — but the Clip Squad has shown “great interest.”

We’re told just about everyone on the team is rooting for Lamar to get better — but as far as rejoining the squad, one source tells us bluntly — “Lamar wasn’t s**t before he left the league. Why would he be s**t now?”

We shall see what the next move is for Lamar.  Lets just hope that he is able to get himself together for his sake.


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